Can I run this video card with a 280 watt PSU?

The rest of my system is:

EPOX 8KhA+ Motherboard
Athlon XP 1600
1.5 gigs ram
a DVD burner

That's about it. Thanks! :)
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  1. No, read the Newegg reveiws!
  2. In the reviews, one person tried it with a 160W PSU and it didn't work and I would ignore the one who claims that a 550W PSU is required. Since that video card draws little current, I'd give it a try. It's impossible to confirm that it will definitely work since we don't know if your PSU is a quality or a cheap unit.
  3. Besides the fact that the PSU probably wont work, you are gonna be bottlenecked quite badly by the rest of your system. Why dont you take that 400 bucks and upgrade the rest of your components first.
  4. Well, the card is $59.99 at newegg, which I have...the $300-$400 to upgrade the whole system I do not have. Maybe I should rethink the whole thing. Wouldn't I see a performance increase from the Radeon 8500 64meg card that I currently have?
  5. That card isn't very fast, but it's much faster than the 8500 (which is rather old by current standards). Upgrading from an 8500 to a 9800 Pro was a significant improvement and the X1650 Pro is much faster than the 9800 Pro.
  6. X1650Pro uses like 45W

    it should work... of course if the psu has really weak 12V line it might not. care to take a look at the sticker on the side of the psu? It should say how much amperage/watts it can supply at different voltages.
  7. What kind of PSU?

    Like Kari said, the card pulls about 4 amps under a 3D load. It pulls about 2 amps with a 2D load. So if it works with the desktop and regular 2D appls, but not with games, you need a better PSU
  8. I think I'm going to go ahead and upgrade my PSU...Probably a thermaltake 430watt. thanks everybody.
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