Raid 0 quesiton

Hello, i have a question reguarding raid 0.

Can a RAID 0 be created using an existing drive that has data on it without losing any data?

I have an existing 1tb drive and have one that i just got.. ..

heres the situation.. i am getting a intel x25-m 160 and using that as my boot drive.. but i currently am running 2 250gb's in raid 0 and i want to take those out and use one of my existing 1 tb drives and use the new and raid it but i dont' want to lose the data on the other 1 tb drive and don't have enough room to backup the data on the tb drive.

any help?
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  1. I don't think it can be done. And besides one should never build a raid 0 that can't be backed up. You're setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

    That being said you have a smokin setup as is. x25 boot disc large enough to hold other must use daily type data. And 500gb's in raid 0. Keep the 1tb as is or even add another in RAID 1 (this can be built without loss of data but you should have at least 1 backup before you try anything with important data).

    But that's me. Maybe these intel matrix wizards have a magic way to save your data while building a striped array. You could try to find an intel matrix forum perhaps.
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