[HELP] Moving XP to new hard drive without reinstalling

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I recently bought a larger hard disk.
I wish to transfer all my existing partitions from my old disc to my new,
but in the same machine.
Then, I will use the old disc for another thing.
My disc consisted of several partitions, with multi-boot 98/XP, and I don't
want to reinstall these systems due to many programs installed, and many
optimized configurations.

All partitions are FAT32, so that I can copy XP files from 98 booted, and
The new disc being larger, I created partitions larger than the old ones,
but the old hierarchy of partition is respected (a principal partition, an
extended partition containing the same number of logical drives, in the same
I restored the MBR, the boot sector of the principal partition, and the
basic system files necessary for multiboot (NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM, BOOT.INI,
BOOTSECT.DOS, IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS...), I copied the files between the two
discs with XXCOPY /CLONE (this utility respects longs and short names and
make a perfect copy of all the files), and I placed the new disc in the
exact place the old one had, i.e. master of the primary IDE controller.
So that my Windows 98 boots and functions as before, and that XP boots...
but only up to a certain point!
Instead of showing the login screen (with users' icons), it shows a screen
with the Windows XP logo, and remains blocked here.
I did not try to leave it like that all the night, but I don't think it will
advance more.
I tested the no failure mode, nothing changes. I even tested the
installation repair which is possible when booting on XP CD, but I was not
satisfied: the peripherals do not work anymore, the programs either, and
certain parameters are lost, so that I reformated and started again the copy
from the old hard disk.

Can somebody help me?

I think there is 2 possible problems which can cause XP hanging:
- The peripheral accesses in Windows XP are not done only with the disc
reference on IDE controller; but also with from the model of disc or
something like that, so that when the system wants to pass in "a more
advanced" operating mode than the simple number of disc and partition, it
- It is purely voluntary on behalf of Microsoft, namely that since I changed
my disc, then it is necessary that I reinstall and re-record my system.
If not, I do not see (and I did not find on google, nor on microsoft.com)
But, it must exist an way!

Thank you in advance for your enlightened answers...
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    Just clone the disk with Norton Ghost (www.symantec.com) or similar product.
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    "Jetro" <jetro@internet.net> wrote:
    > Just clone the disk with Norton Ghost (www.symantec.com) or similar

    Does Norton Ghost permit changing partitions size ?
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