Noob Overclocking E6420, Im not frying it? am I? =S

Hello all,

my rig has recently started to age, so I bought two shiny new graphics cards and slapped them into it(replacing my much loved but old 7950GX2) this however has uncovered that my CPU is now a bottleneck I think <- And the RAM also just as likely.

Specs are as follows:
Mobo: GA-965P-DS3 rev3.3
CPU: E6420 <<Thermaltake i2 cooling fan <simply air cooled, case left open
RAM: 2 GB, i think 1 stick is 800mhz, 2 are 512mb 566mhz (or the bad one anyway)
GPU(not relevant but i love em >.<):2 Radeon HIS 5770 in Xfire

ok so from what I can tell, my CPU runs standard at 1.3v and at idle temps of around 50c. -Thats not too hot is it?

My settings that I have tried are CPU Frequency of 390mhz, PCI-E locked at 100, RAM settings Standard, MCH Overvoltage +0.30v, FSB Overvoltage +0.30v, and Vcore at 1.325v.

System will do a POST, get into windows, but within minutes of running Prime95 I have error on both cores.
I have alarm set for when CPU hits 80c <- but under 100% load it seems to max out at 74C

Again, sorry I am reading up on this Overclocking business as much as I can, but I have very blonde moments so again excuse me :P

Any help/comments are greatly appreciated!
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  1. You seem to realise that reading more is going to help you :)

    One thing I'd mention is if your Ram's mismatched, the faster stick is going to be running at the speed of the slower sticks, if not ignored completely.

    80' is kinda melt territory for a cpu so it will shutdown to avoid frying itself, realtemp and speedfan can help you keep an eye on things tempwise, both are easy to download.
    Other than that I'd say reset bios settings, read up on threads here for your processor specifically, start simple and go slow, that'll help you when you get another better Rig and want to push it.

    I'm new too and I'm learning all the time, Troll about on here for a while and youll start to pick things up,
  2. Yeah And I do also realise that for anyone to give me tips, or help, I have to be doing something to help myself too <- I know I much rather help someone who is willing to help themself, over one who just expects the help

    hmm, thank you for that information on the memory I haven't read that yet.. I knew it was less than optimal but that seems quite well... crud.

    Ok so I set everything back to stockers.. for now.

    Going at 1.27Vcore, Frequency at 360... FSB and MCH at normal voltage
    RAM 5-6-6-17 [FSB:DRAM=1:1]
  3. I wasn't knocking you, please dont think I was, I meant the fact you realise that is good, I'm only able to give you the best advice I have which admittedly isn't from masses of experience, but sometimes starting fresh and minding your steps is the best way to go about things, I'll keep checking back to see how you get on :)
  4. It really sounds like your cooler is not up to overclocking at all.. I would strongly suggest looking into upgrading it with something that will fit newer CPU's also and picking one up. 50C at stock speeds is pretty warm. My preference is 40C and lower. Heat is one of the easiest ways to kill your system.
  5. Seems to run fairly stable at 1.27Vcore, Freq 360, and FSB and MCH voltage normal.
    RAM 5-6-6-17.
    Idiling at 44C.. going to see If I can squeeze a touch more out of it
  6. Ok so i took it up to Freq 380 on that Vcore, which resulted in a quickdropout once windows loaded, no BSOD just dropped off, so I wound it back to 370Freq, seems to be running stable @ 1.275Vcore, temps are hovering at 48C in idle, and going upto 67C at 100% Loading. I am starting to think that my two 512mb sticks of RAM @ 533mhz is the limiting factor in higher frequency settings, as RAM does not seem to overclock well, and from what I've read BSOD's are normally RAM-related issues, and Dropouts can be anything but normally Vcore.
  7. I think I need to clean out my CPU Cooler and heatsink, as the fins are all clogged up with dust, I however don't have any Compressed air so IDK how to properly clean it out.
  8. Monologing


    You Have Serious Temp Issues.
    I would Suggest Either A new CPU (Preferably Wolfdale If you're on a tight budget) or An new cooler. Cuz 50'C @ idle Is insane

    CoolerMaster 212 Hyper


    Xigmatec Dark Knight

    These Are Pretty Big. By big i Mean Huge.

    I would Also Suggest You invest In Some new Ram...

    I used A leaf blower To clean out My PC (Canned Air Is for Pansies!)

    Good luck :D

    EDIT = Welcome To Toms Hardware. Hope You Have many Happy Posts. Just Read the Stickies To avoid Pissing Off the Veterans. Remember Manners And Never use caps lock...
    just some friendly advice
  9. I use the household vacuum with a long nozzle on it every month or so,, and maybe a cotton swab with nail varnish remover on for anything stubborn.
  10. At fisshy, yeah, I'm off work with a broken foot atm so I have more than enough spare time on my hands.

    Again thanks for the replys, I got it running quite stable, and still was able to achieve a 35% OC, and at a lower temp than the stock settings <=Figure that one out lol? But my temps are still idle @ 45-47C and from a little bit of speed reading, I've found most Intel CPUs run at around 20-30C at Idle, I will try cleaning out my computer with the Vacuum tonight, and see if that reduces the temp.

    This is my cooler, and umm, Because toms hardware location thing has its spastic moments, I do not live in UK (although still in Commonwealth ^^) I live in Aus, where the current temp would probs be around 25-30C so, according to this it does not appear too abnormal? I use Coretemp to check temps....

    I'm going to upgrade to an i7 CPU, and assoc. Mobo, with DDR3 RAM (High quality and speed this time!) when money allows.
  11. (1) Look for a HSF, WITH A Backing Plate, that will work with your current E6350 and that you can move over to your "New" system.

    (2) If the time frame for putting that new system inplace is long enought, get 4 gigs (2 sticks x 2 Gigs of matched Ram.. Look for lowest voltage/lowest CL ratings @ 800 that matches your budget.

    If ambient temp of 30 C (86 F) you will be higher than most on your Idle/max temps. For Your OC try to limit your Max load temp to 60->62 C.

    Have not updated my system (displayed in "more info") yet to the i5-750. My current displayed system is a E6400 @ 3.2 GHz - Been running great for the past 3 Yrs. I bought the Zalman 9500 on sale - Not the best, but it had the Backing plate I wanted. As you can guess I detest push-pins.

    Added: My max ambient temp in the summur is arround 78 -> 80 F and my Idle temps at that temp are upper 30's for Idle and arround 58 C under TAT 100% load.
  12. None of us regulars like pushpins.
  13. Intel Cpu is known to have very high temps, 45 celsius is a normal idle temp for a intel cpu, and the amd has around 30 idle. Max temp for intel is 80-90(U can fry it at that temp) and amd 65-70(same). So i recommend u test ur Load temprature because thats what really counts. Edit: Sorry i didnt see that ur max temp is around 74. U cpu wont fry but it will shorten its life for sure! So i agree with others, u should buy a new cooler or a cpu with high clock so overclocking wont be necessary(watercooling if u gonna OC).
  14. Im satisfied with my watercooling, my cpu is 24 in 100% load!
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