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I'm using since 5 years a Barton 3200+ downclocked to a 2500+ for a permanent heat problem related to a bad motherboard, a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (reboot at 60 celsius...) and a XFX 7800 GT.

I mostly use my computer to render image with POV, blender and cinema 4D, play some FPS (800*600 low quality... Fallout 3 is a bit different...) and watching some videos.

The computer is really noisy and stand at 2 meters from my bed... not really cool for a "all night" rendering session...

I'm bored, really bored now, I calculate than the CPU is at less 15 times less powerfull than a i7 920, and i don't talk of the gaming system, and the permanent noise...

Now I almost manage to keep enough money (I really don't like credit...) to change all and take a new step.

So please can you help me ?

- Ultra quiet
- Allways On
- Rendering computer
- No overclocking
- Some FPS
- 5 years computer duration
- No vibration
- Tri-CrossFire capability

- Lowest numbers of different shops
- European shop prefere
- 2500€ Max
- Want to place order late february

Don't mind:
- Not a storage computer
- No bad taste tuning

Here is my ideas:
CPU: Intel Core i7 920
CPU Cooler: Ultra-120 eXtreme 1366 RT
CPU Heat Compound: Shin-Etsu X23-7762 Thermal Compound 1 Gram
RAM: OCZ Platinum XTC 6Go DDR3 PC10666 CAS7 Triple Channel
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME
Motherboard Accesoiries: Insulating Motherboard Washers
Motherboard Accesoiries: Screw-In Motherboard Standoff 6-32
Motherboard Accesoiries: 15 x Microcool Passive Heatsink Microsink Chipsink - Black
GPU: 2 x Gigabyte GV-R485MC-1GH
GPU Accesoiries: Sapphire CrossFire Bridge
GPU Accesoiries: 2 x COOLMAX Graphic Card Protector Model PS-200
HD: 2 x WESTERN DIGITAL - Scorpio Black - 2.5" - 160 Go - 7200t - 16 Mo - SATA 2
HD Enclosure: 2 x Scythe "Quiet Drive for 2.5" Internal HDD Silencer for 2.5 inch HDD
HD Enclosure: 2 x Scythe "Quiet Drive" Internal HDD Silencer for 3.5 inch HDD on 5.25inch bay
DVD Writer: Samsung SH-S223Q Black
PSU: Zalman ZM850-HP
PSU Accesoiries: SilverStone PP02 PSU Acoustic cover
PSU Accesoiries: Fansis Anti-Vibration PSU Gasket
CASE: Thermaltake Spedo VI90001N2Z
CASE Accesoiries (vibration stuff): Rubber Grommet (reference ?)
CASE Accesoiries (vibration stuff): Silicon Washers (reference ?)
CASE Accesoiries: Deluxe Wire Sleeving Kit (reference ?)
CASE Accesoiries (ground carpet): XTracPads Ripper XL (yes a mouse PAD as ground carpet...)
CASE Accesoiries: AcoustiPack ULTIMATE (APU)
CASE Accesoiries: 2 x AcoustiFeet black anti-vibration feet, very soft ACF3007-15B
CASE Accesoiries: AC Ryan SATA2 (with lock) cable - 50cm Black 2x90deg - ACR-SA6306-2
CASE Accesoiries: 2 x AC Ryan SATA2 (with lock) cable - 30cm Black 2x90deg - ACR-SA6924-2
FAN (for CPU Cooler and Case replacement): Scythe "KAZE MARU" 140mm Case Fan
FAN (for CPU Cooler and Case replacement): 4 x Noctua NF-S12-800
FAN Accesoiries: 4 x Fansis 120mm Anti Vibration Fan Gasket Clear FS-120
FAN Accesoiries: XILENCE Rubber Screws – long
Mouse: STEELSERIES Ikari Laser
Mouse PAD: XTracPads Ripper XL
Voltage Regulator: APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator
Surge Protection: APC Performance SurgeArrest 8 outlets with Phone, Coax & Network Protection 230V France
Keyboard: Logitech Illuminated (ever buy)
Speakers: Creative Inspire T7900 (ever buy)
Screen: IIYAMA Prolite B2403WS (ever buy)

I hope it's not too much...

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  1. I don't understand everything you said here, but I suspect you are aiming a bit high... in other words you are spending more money than you need to spend.

    You can do everything you need to do with a Q9550, an x38 motherboard, and two quiet 4870 1GB GPUs.

    If your English reading is up to it:
  2. Hi Proximon, thanks for your answer.

    Sorry to be hard to understand... to sum up, I need a powerfull and really quiet rendering computer capable of some fps and that will be used during 5 years and that is not a storage computer (big disks and DVD drive are useless).

    Why I select a i7 core over a Q serie processor ?

    because it's really fastest for the need I have.

    For the noise, I want something really really quiet even if it cost, my PC is in the same room where I sleep and I'm bored of the "low noise" that is claims everywhere, 45db is inacceptable for me and mine is over 50db, 25db is my dream.

    Spending some hours and changing a few parts, abandon some others, I found 2 shop that can provide all, LDLC and Caseking, both europeans, for around 2150€.

    I think my choice are the good one to build a really quiet and powerfull computer but I still have 2 big questions :

    Did I have enough power to do a tri-crossfire with Gigabyte GV-R485MC-1GH and use it ?
    Will it be as quiet as I imagine ?
  3. Will it be as quiet as you imagine? I doubt that.

    Understood on the whole rendering thing. You need as much CPU as you can afford. OK.

    You are spending a lot of money trying to make air cooling as quiet as possible. You seem to have a good understanding generally of what that takes.

    Maybe your money would be better spent on water cooling?

    A very high quality 850W would probably power 3 4850s... but I'm not convinced the Zalman is that unit. No one with proper equipment has reviewed one yet... Anandtech came close but seems to have gotten some bad and inconclusive results.

    The harder you push a PSU the louder it will get. A Corsair 1000HX might be a better choice.

    I think you'll get better results with a good custom water cooling build. If that interests you, the link I provided in my first post has a link to some water cooling information. Ask in our cooling forums for any specifics.
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