Case Fan Speeds Up, Won't Slow Down

Well, I've been having some serious issues with one of my case fans lately. In Vista, usually if it's under heavy load, the fan will speed up to around 3000 RPM. If I use SpeedFan, I can turn it back down to around 30%, where it's barely audible. But it will eventually speed up, and SpeedFan won't change it. As in, I can change the percent, but it really doesn't slow the fan down. At this point, it's around 3600 RPM. Very noisy, and it won't stop unless I turn the computer off/standby for about 10 minutes.
When I had XP on this machine, SpeedFan would mantain complete control over the fans, so I assume that Vista is somehow stealing control over this one fan, and that's why SF can barely change it.

Please reply as soon as possible, it's getting horribly annoying.
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  1. More likely, your BIOS has some sort of fan control feature enabled. I'd look there.
  2. Mainboard: ECS Asterope3 RC410-M/GL8E
    BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. (V. 3.19, I believe)

    The BIOS are pretty basic, unfortunately, not much to look at. No OC'ing, no fan control, nothing like that.

    From looking around, it sounds like this MB is pretty useless. My luck, of course.

    Perhaps flashing the BIOS to a newer version would help something? I can't seem to find a newer version though, besides the one on HP's website. And that one seems to be for Windows XP... but does that really matter?

    Perhaps ya'll have some more suggestions, as I'm completely open to them. I'd just prefer not to completely ruin things while I'm tinkering (I have a nasty habit of doing that).

    EDIT: I had it installing something this morning, and I left it on for the rest of the day. I just now came back to it, and the fan is running at 4018 RPM. That's the highest I've seen it. I'd also like to note that if I do anything that requires a little more processing, like opening an instance of IE7, then the fan slows down a bit, and then speeds right back up.
  3. A BIOS update sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure why that's a .exe file. I'd check with HP to find out if bad things will happen if you try to run it under Vista.
  4. lol @ ecs

    u sure its not a thermal buildup issue?
  5. Yeah, I know. ^.^ I have not the time nor the money to replace it at the moment. It's an older 2006 machine anyway, not exactly top of the line.

    If it were a thermal issue, I would think that the fan would slow down once the temperature dropped below 50 C. You see, it only seems to start when the processor gets above 52 C. And sometimes it really will slow down after it cools. But other times, it just keeps speeding up, even if the temp is around 49 C.

    I'll be checking with HP sometime tomorrow about that BIOS update.
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