Pics custom rads and watercooling

Post up your custom setups i wanna see all pics and see what specs the sytem is and what idle and full load your system is running thanks! lets have some fun
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  1. A custom chilled water cooling set up got me this high OC on the
    AMD X2 5000+ non-BE edition :)

  2. 3.6 very nice!
  3. nice record shadow i want to set a record but the 965 has been done
  4. Nice thread. Love seeing every ones pics. :D

    Galaxy Gtx 480 with Danger Den water block = voided warranty

    Not finished yet

    EDIT: Just finished my build here is a pic, follow link at top for more pics. :D

  5. Mine. All stock speeds. Don't need no more than stock, all games run very fast. Quiet too.
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