I think something is wrong with my monitor.

I have Samsung 2232BW+ monitor. Lately, the backlight is flickering and takes 30 seconds or more to stabilize. I'm not sure if the bulb isn't getting enough current from the inverter or if the bulb is simply dying. I need to replace the CCFL and/or the inverter. Does anyone know how many CCFLs the monitor has or any other helpful info?
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  1. If it's still under warranty, I'd let Samsung deal with it. It might turn out to be cheaper to buy a new one.
  2. At the moment I can't find my receipt. I am thinking of getting a 24" monitor and using dual display until the 22" finally goes down for good. Repairing it seems rather simple, as I've changed many ballasts in lighting and the same concept applies. Acer seems to make a decent 24" 1920x1200res monitor for under $300 it seems.
  3. one-shot both Mondoman & zipzoomflyhigh have a good point.even if you could get the parts .they would be more than what it is worth,your best bet is to (a) find receipt and see if it's still under warrenty.(b) buy another monitor.I change bulbs on my employee's customer lcd and some time the converter bd,and your right it's not that rocket science in it.it the cost of the bulb's.we get bulbs for about $35.00 apiece and a invertor bd cost us $134.00 .a lot of lcd have 4 bulbs,also on some of the lcd the invertor bd is on the same internal power supply.cost more.me I would just buy me another lcd cost by the time I would get the 4 bulb to replace and a inverter bd.it's just not worth it.cost wise!

    price of 4 bulbs and a inverter where i work = 4 bulbs @ $75.oo per bulb and inverter bd 175.00.not worth the time.you can get a good lcd for less
  4. o-s, most of these have build dates on them, so if you're still within warranty from that date, it may be enough for the manufacturer to treat it as warranty even without a receipt.
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