EPS12V PSU on an ATX12V Motherboard

I am about to buy an EPS12V PSU for my impending computer upgrade. However, until I buy a new CPU and Board, I will still be using my current ATX12V motherboard. From what I've read it seems like the psu would be mostly compatible except for the 24 pin main connector (my board is a 20 pin). I did read somewhere that the 24 pin connector could still be used with 4 pins overhanging, but I don't believe there will be room for that on this board. So could a generic adapter such as this:


be used and work? Or must such an adapter explicitly state EPS use?
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  1. You can use this new psu with the extra 4 pins overhanging, but if it doesn't fit you can just buy a 24 to 20 pin converter. They are typicaly about $5. Hope this helps
  2. Many PSU's have a two part (20 + 4) 24 pin motherboard connector where the 4 pins can be detached.
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