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hi every one, i juz got my new computer last month..I juz wana know weather my computer can last for how many month or years...
Can sumone giv me any suggestion

These are my computer components

Mobo :ASUS Striker 2 Formula
CPU : Pentium Dual-Core E5200 running@ 3.14 Ghz with stock cooling
Graphic Card :ASUS 9800GTX+
Ram :4GB 800Mhz running @ 900MHZ
PSU : Gigabyte Odin Pro 550W
Case : Aerocool Engine 2
Moniter : HP 19' widescreen brightview

My computer is main for gaming so i hope this system can last at least for 1 years..Is this possible?
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  1. Sry for this text..I cnt figure out why these thing is unusual ?????confuse.....
  2. If you got your computer last month and it is still running, odds are that it will become obsolete before it breaks. Most likely component that you will need to replace will be a PSU.
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