Dump or keep 8800GTX SLI?

Hello all, i'm new to the forum...i've been a 'reader' for a good while but this is my first post...

My existing system:-

QX6700 overclocked at 3.2ghz (not very good at OCing, after this i get BSOD) - watercooled ~26'c
ASUS Striker Extreme with independant northbridge & southbridge coolers
8 Gig Cosair Dominator 1066mhz (4 sticks runs at 800mhz - i did briefly overclock MB to get back up to 1066mhz)
2x 1TB Samsung F1s in RAID stripe
2x 8800GTX both DangerDen watercooled separately from CPU ~30'c
1000W Enermax Galaxy PSU

This system was built over a year ago (with the exception of the F1s) and has been fine, got over 18,000 3DMark06. I've started to buy a new system:-

Intel i7 920 (i learnt my lesson with extreme CPUs, QX6700 cost £650 then the q6600 came out for a fraction!)
ASUS Striker Extreme Rampage II
3x 2gig Cosair Dominator DDR3 1600Mhz
Antec Skeleton

The question is, do i stick with the existing 8800's in the i7 system or go with a pair of 280GTXs or a pair of 4870x2s? i've been looking around various sites at comparison charts and i don't think there's really a big difference with the 8800's and the new GPUs. I don't want to spend £700 on something slightly better.

I'd appreciate unbiased feedback from people who have 'upgraded' from 8800GTX SLI

PS: i game at 1920x1200 with such games as left4dead,stalker,crysis,cod4&5 & gta4 etc and use XP64 & Vista64

many thanks for your time :D
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  1. i got a pair of 7800GTX in SLI and really it works fine with DX9 stuff at 1900x1200 in Vista 64 bit on 24" screen. I would wait, new stuff coming out next month price drops guarrenteed. That is what I was told to do. my games are supreme commander, sins of solar, stalker chernoble. also check the pecking order

  2. At this point, I wouldnt do it, unless its simply not doing what you want it to, as the increases wont be that great compared to costs. Welcome to the forums by the way, and hope to see future contributions!
    PS: This is my opinion only, and it depends alot on your pocket/monies. If youre loaded, Id say go for it, if not, wait til late summer early fall, and the next gens, as theyre sure to be much better than todays best
  3. So what's coming out next month? i've only heard rumours of 300 series nvidias or a 200 series GX2? i haven't found anything else...
  4. Well, there the G295, which is sorta like 2 G216sx2, as well as the new G285, where youre looking at 5-10% increases over the G280
  5. So, a quad sli setup is doable soon, tho not sure about drivers and such
  6. G216sx2? now you've lost me!...never heard of it. i was quite dissapointed at the 280gtx, when they came out i was led to believe they'd be equal to a pair of 8800gtx's sli'd...but looking about, the 280gtx sli only achieves a few more fps...typically i upgrade when technology doubles in performance
  7. Either way, if youre planning on buying, wait til January 8, as this is the release for both the G295 and the G285, which are both being done on the 55nm node, as opposed to the 65nm for their current highend

    The G295 is like or close to having 2 G260 216 shaders combined. It has different clocks and config, but better than a simple G260x2
  8. mmmh, quad sli? i had my fingers burnt with a pair of 7950gx2s quad sli, one 8800 wiped the floor with my quad setup!
  9. cheers jaydeejohn, i'll hang fire till these cards come out & check the performance figures...appreciate your time & words :)
  10. Like I said, maybe best to wait awhile yet
  11. Youre welcome
  12. I have a buddy in the SAME situation. He has an nvidia 780i with 2 8800GTX's in SLI. Actually he has 3 but Tri SLI never really worked well at all. He has a water cooled e6850 at 3.4 GHz. He is moving to a Gigabyte UD-5 x58 board with the i7 920, and 3GB Dominator memory. He keeps weighing the options of dual GTXD 280's but he is sticking with the 2 8800GTX's. He ultimately wants to try all 3 (the 3rd is in his spare system). You might be surprised what the i7 will do to your current cards. Look what an i7 does when moving from the core2 cpus to the i7's? They let them loose.

    My vote is to keep them and see what happens with the i7's new architecture.
  13. jay2tall, i had wondered about the effect of cpu on the gpu's. the 8800GTX's may get a good boost...also, i had thought about the possibility that the 280gtx's where held back by the cpu in these performance charts, a pity these cards where not tested on a OC'd intel965!...mmmh, dilemma
  14. My buddy is getting his stuff Friday I believe. So we will see what it does with 2 8800GTX's. He is passing on the liquid this time and got a Thermalright Ultra-120 1366 cooler, or whatever it is called.
  15. jay2tall, if it's possible ask your friend to do a 3dmark test on his old rig with 8800's and another same test on his new rig...i'm sure he'll be just as curious as me!
  16. 295 is more like two GTX 260 core 240's in sli :P
  17. I was over there last night and he ran it with 1 8800GTX and got 12,xxx something on 3dmark06. He said he gets 16,xxx with 2 and 18,xxx something with 3 I believe. But he has the full version and I can't remember if he ups the res on his tests. So my comments probably do not apply. He does not use the free version that locks the parameters.
  18. jay2tall, these figures on his current c2d system? they're about the same as mine with the qx6700, i've managed just above 18,000 3dmark06 with 2x8800s with minor cpu overclocking and slightly overclocked gpu. i'd put mine into the new system, but i'd rather wait for positive results before dismantling the water system.
  19. hey, I had 2 8800 GTX's with a Q6600 at 3.6ghz, I was just going to keep it because no game really needs more than that right now except crysis maybe and GTA 4, but one of my 8800 GTX's died and BFG sent be back a 260 GTX 216 core version, I ended up selling off my other 8800 for about 160$ and got another 260 with the money from selling the 8800 off. I was happy with 8800 GTX SLI just got lucky in a way i guess.
    Edit: Also I don't know if this will help but here http://www.techpowerup.com/img/08-12-27/42a.gif showing what nvidia will be up to next year if its even real.
  20. anth12, how does your 260's compare to the 8800's?
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