Newbie question getting the best speeds outta my nas

hi as in the title im very new to this and have just purchased a thecus n4100+ what im looking to find out is what is the best way to network it speed wise,

im planning to plug my router into the nas and connected to everything wirelessly but my wireless router is pretty old netgear wgt624 108mbps.

ive seen the nas has gigabite ethernet does this mean i should purchase a gigabite router to get the full potential? if so or not please advise to best set up/ equipment.

sorry if this is a common ask

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  1. well gigabit* ethernet is going to be the fastest speed.. but if every computer is wireless your speed will be limited by that.. now the wireless on a N series router which is probably what you would get if you move up to gigabit ethernet router is a faster wireless but only for the computers who have N series wireless cards.. and even then your only going to transfer at not much faster than the 100 meg wired connections.. with your current set up all wireless computers with that directly plugged in you'll probably xfer about 20-30 megabit per second mbps. if you up to a wireless N with gigabit router.. and still have wireless g cards you won't really see a change in speed.. the FASTEST way would be all gigabit wired connections.. that means your ethernet card on the computer cat-5 wires that can handle the speed and the router.. now you can mix and match.. but just remember that the slowest speed from one target device to provider device is the fastest you will transfer.
  2. ok sounds good so just to summarise there isnt a wireless router i can buy that will give me gigabit*(thank you) transfers speed of my media between pc and nas? it would only be 100 meg?

    but this set up i found on line is what your saying would give me the gigabit speed as long as the pc's and laptops have gigabit cards

    the only bit im struggling with is the last statement
    but just remember that the slowest speed from one target device to provider device is the fastest you will transfer.

    does this mean that if i put everything on the above gigabit setup EXCEPT my laptop which id like to remain wireless i will still only get the same speed as the laptop across the network?

    sorry, thanks
  3. it seems like you have it, now if you add a wireless laptop then it will only slow transfer speeds that include the laptop:

    nas to desktop speed: high
    nas to media computer: high
    nas to laptop: slow
    laptop to desktop: slow
    in that setup on your lan each xfer is three devices.. the device with the info, the hub and the device that is recieving the info.. so if all have ports that are gigabit and wires that can handle it then you get your fastest xfer.. and as far as wireless goes.. wireless N is the fastest i know of, havn't used it but i've heard tests that show performances of file transfers up to about 160 Mbps, which if you know anything about wireless it can't just send, there are a series of ackknowledgements that slow it down on actual speed.. they advertize over 300 Mbps.. real life after encryption between 100 - 160Mbps. so while you may go slightly faster then your old ethernet connection.. i doubt you'll notice much of a difference. while gigabit ethernet should blow it out of the water.
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