Re-install XP to fix subtle problems?

My 5-yr. old, recently inherited hp laptop is terrific but had 3 or more malwares, e.g. "Trojan ADH", now removed (via malwarebytes & Norton A-V).
I wonder what damage remains - ? :sweat:
Some things don't quite work right - like MSCONFIG: even Administrator login is prevented from saving changes to "Startup"
( but a new Skype install was able add itself to Startup ).

Can I "cure all" by using a downloaded XP Pro install ISO (recent), to
Upgrade or Re-Install XP Pro? Maybe to an EXTERNAL USB DRIVE?
Will that require re-install of all apps?

One wrinkle is that this "Entertainment" laptop has a "quick boot for music only" feature,
using a Linux partition. :)
Are there special steps to overwrite ONLY XP at upgrade/install time?
THANKS in advance for any reply. :hello:
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  1. Most HP computers have a recovery partition which can restore the hard drive to the original condition. You access it by hitting a key, perhaps F11, before Windows begins booting. That will be your best option. Either that, or there will be a program to create a recovery CD or DVD.

    If you use a generic XP disk you will need to track down all he special HP drivers for that laptop, and it will likely destroy the quick boot option.
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