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hi, i need help choosioing a new graphics card, i have read about the sli and crossfire thread, and learned a few things. But am still wondering what is the best GPU i can get for my system, it supports crossfire, so that rules out the nvidea's, but which would you say is the best GPU/GPU's for around £100 below is my sytem configorations, so i hope one of you can help me choose a good one. I am running windows XP.

Asus maximus formula II p45 chipest

Kingston hyperX 4gb 1200mhz

Intel core 2 duo E8400 'wolfgang', 3.00ghz

Power Supply
x-clio 650W power supply
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  1. I would recommend a HD4850.
    The Club3D one for example, this is the one I'm using:

    And I'm using a P45 + 4gb + E8400 too.

    I think it should be available for around 100 pounds, maybe a lil more.
  2. anything else ?.. i could probably push too £200, if anyone has any higher end ideas ?
  3. Here are the ones you should get in the order of price

    4850 > 4870 > 4850X2 > 4870X2.

    Whichever card you pick, you won't be disapointed with, it just depends on how much you want to spend.
  4. ok thanks guys :) should be purchasing in the new year

    happy new year (Y)
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