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I recently purchased a quad core 6700 to put into my intel DG965WH. I am positive everything is hooked up correctly. I have double checked many times. The fact is it wont even post. I turn on the computer and the fans all go, the leds shine brightly but thats it. From what i have figured out in all my looking, reading, and learning it would seem that the problem is in the bios. I did not upgrade the bios before i put in the new chip and according the intel site I need some fairly new bios to support this processor. The real kicker is I already gave the old one away. My question is this. If this is the problem would the computer at least try to post and give me an error or is it going to just act dead. I can justify both senerios in my mind. Also, is there anyway to update these bios without a processor installed? thanks in advance.
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  1. No in order to update the bios you need the computer running and that requires a cpu,, question ?? is there a shop in your area that you can take the mobo to for a bios upgrade ,, or can you borrow your old cpu?? :)
  2. I think I have this figured out somewhat. I am a first year electronics student and it just so happens that all the cst (computer guys) have class right next to us so I know a few of them. I think I will just bring my computer to school and see if there are any of them that have one. I guess I already knew the answer to this question. I was just hoping that someone would prove me wrong. Thanks anyways :)
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