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Hi, id like to know how far i can push my xfx 8800gs alpha dog ED (not xxx version), id like to get abit more fps out of it , are these good at o/clocking? how much extra preformance would i gain>? and is it worth it? please dont sugest upgrade as im on a tight budget to be buying new card atm.
also is it true that this is basically a 9600gso or is it slower?
all posts/help will be apreciated :D
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  1. Well, each GeForce 8800GS overclocks differently. How good they are for overclocking, I wouldn't know - maybe 50MHz o/c, maybe 150MHz. As for performance, I wouldn't know either, but maybe a few extra FPS. The 9600GSO is a renamed 8800GS, and will perform the same.
  2. after reading your post i decided to do some experimenting with it,,its stock speed is 580/1450/1400 but so far i have managed 700/1750/2000 seems perfectly stable, under load it hits 64-65*c. iv noticed a 20fps boost in flatout UC and an extra 4fps in dirt2.
    (using rivatuner)
    does this seem ok ? to hot or high risk of the card failing??
    im using a zalman vf-900-cu vga cooler as the stock xfx sounds like my pc is a jet as it had no fan control.
    also a question thats been doing my nut in, is the 88gs faster than a 8800gts 320mb or is it the slowest of the 8800 series?
  3. Well, those temps look fine, don't want it to go over 70C, although those overclocks seem quite high - if you see any artifacts or weird images, underclock your card. I'd lower the memory o/c, 600MHz is quite a overclock AFAIK, but I've never had experience with overclocking nVidia cards. Core and shader overclocks look OK. If so other nVidia expert comes along, s/he could probably help you out.

    The 8800GS is faster than the 8800GT 256MB and 8800GTS 320MB, although the 8800GTS 640MB is faster than the 8800GS.
  4. yes i shall lower the clocks to match the xxx edition to be safe. id have thought a 256mb 88gt would be faster.
    i have just spotted something strange,,i use everest to monitor my temperatures, but it says "GPU Vcc 3.26 V", now if im corect isnt this the core voltage? shouldnt it be 1.1-1.2v or something?
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