Amd phneom II 4X 955

anyone overclocked one? if so how far does it go?, the cooler i wanna get for it would be the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus, the stock speed being 3.2 Ghz.
is 4Ghz achieveable on air? im gonna get a coolermaster haf 922 with is cuz i know what awsome airflow qualities it has.
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  1. just so you guys know im gonna have that in a GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4
    mobo with 4 GB DDR3 1600Mhz ram with a 750w psu cua ive read ram and mobo can be an effecting issue and i forgot to specify, the processor i will get is the black edition.
  2. Yes CM 212+ can easily cool a 955 @ 4Ghz.
  3. yes, 4ghz should be easy enough with a good cooler.

    lol@ your comment though. 'has anyone overclocked one?' :lol:

    4.2 is about the max ive seen people get on air. but those are the best chips.

    have you overclocked before? if you know what you are doing, i can't see 4ghz being an issue unless you get a pretty weak chip.
  4. no ive never overclocked before, i tried to once but my current set up is totally locked (being a lenovo lol, the bios doesnt even have the options)
    i know roughly what to do, i think if i take the core clock to around 211/213 then play with the multiplier from there obviously upping the voltages as required?
  5. btw are the new amd processors that are comming out at the end of the month (so a few days time) going to be am3?
  6. yeah, they are am3. but they will have DDR2 controllers so you can still use them with AM2+ mobos.

    tbh i wouldn't bother messing with the HT at all, id just worry about the multiplier. raise it one bump at a time and increase voltage when needed.

    i wouldn't go above 1.51 vcore.

    i find its much quicker and easier to use AMD Overdrive for initial overclocking. find what settings work without needing to constantly reboot. once you found the best settings, stability test then commit to BIOS.

    good luck anyway, and let us know how it works out.
  7. can i use it in the mobo im getting? with that ram? (its all listed in one of the posts above) basically im asking can i just drop it into my system whn funds allow for it?
  8. as long as gigabyte release a BIOS update supporting the six-cores, then yes.

    i have a gigabyte board also, and i too plan on getting a hex. im almost certain gigabyte of all companies will be sure to support hex cores.

    it does require a BIOS update, but i am confident there will be one.
  9. cool, btw any idea how to make my custom sig work? i tried bb code and hmtl, neither works, u can see the code there atm.
  10. not sure what this forum uses tbh. thought it was bbcode actually.
  11. doesnt seem to accept bb code :/
  12. ohh it works here, now if i can get it to work in the signature box for the profile that would be dandy
  13. i am 4.2 on my 965 on liquid cool
  14. [I have GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4, 4 gigs of DDR3 -1600 and AMD 955 black with 212 CoolerMaster and Sniper case.

    First time overclocker and reached 3.8 with no voltage change and only multiplier. Runs 46C underload.
    Really have not spent much time with it. Seems fast to me.

    Memory needs to be set manual, at auto it defaults at slower speed.

    No doubt it could to 4.0 with tweaks....
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