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Going from four to six monitors

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 30, 2008 9:19:40 PM

H, my puter is a couple of years old, and has four monitors, and i wish to add another two. This was planned for, so i know it can be done.

The problem is my computer guy is no longer around, and i dont know what i need to do. I think i need to get another video card and obviously the hardware to plug the monitors in.

Following is some stuff i found using pc wizard. If you need any more info, please ask.

It looks like i have two video cards, the colorgraphic xentera gt. I think that each does two monitors, so i will need one more vid card?

Monitor type, plug and play

Open gl yes

Gdi plus yes

I think they have gone bust.

I will only be using 17" screens, nothing fancy, no games, just poker.

General Information :
Manufacturer : ATI Technologies Inc (Colorgraphic Communications Corp)
Model : Colorgraphic Xentera GT
Bus Type : PCI
Total Memory : 64 MB
Texture Memory : 57 MB
Processor : MOBILITY RADEON 9000 (0x4C66)
Converter : Internal DAC(400MHz)
Refresh Rate (min/max) : 56/85 Hz

GPU Information :
Number of GPU : 1
Codename : RV250
Bus : 128-bit
Memory Type : DDR
GPU Frequency : 299.25 MHz - [initial : 300 MHz]
Memory Frequency GPU : 249.75 MHz - [initial : 250 MHz]
DirectX Support : 8.1
Pixel Shader Version : 1.4

GPU Configuration :
Technology CrossFire : No

GPU Timings :
CAS Latency (tCL) : 3 clocks
RAS to CAS (tRCD) : 9 clocks
RAS Precharge (tRP) : 3 clocks
Cycle Time (tRAS) : 6 clocks

Video Bios Information :
Date : 05/03/28
ID : BK-ATI VER008.006.011.000
Catalyst :

General Features :
Width : 280 mm
Height : 210 mm
Pixel per inch : 96x96 dpi
bits per pixel : 32
Colour Bits/Planes : 1
Brushes : 4294967295
Pens : 4294967295
Markers : 0
Device Fonts : 0
Device Colours : 4294967295
Clip Output to Rectangle : Yes
Hardware Acceleration : Yes

Blend and Shade Capabilities :
GradientFill Rectangle : No
GradientFill Traingle : No
Per Pixel AlphaBlend : Yes
Premultiplied Alpha : No

Raster Capabilities :
Banding : No
Transfer Bitmaps : Yes
Bitmap >64 KB : Yes
Fonts larger than 64 K : Yes
DIBs : Yes
Flood Fills : Yes
Scaling : No
StretchBlt : Yes
StretchDIB : Yes

Curves Capabilities :
Chord Arcs : Yes
Circles : Yes
Elipses : Yes
Interiors : Yes
Pie Wedges : Yes
Rounded Rectangles : Yes
Styled Borders : Yes
Wide Borders : Yes
Wide, Styled Borders : Yes

Lines Capabilities :
Interiors : Yes
Markers : Yes
Polylines : Yes
Polymarkers : Yes
Styled : Yes
Wide : Yes
Wide, Styled : Yes

Polygonal Capabilities :
Interiors : Yes
Alternate Fill Polygons : Yes
Winding Fill Polygons : Yes
Rectangles : Yes
Scan Lines : Yes
Styled Borders : Yes
Wide Borders : Yes
Wide, Styled Borders : Yes

Text Capabilities :
Stroke Precision : Yes
Stroke Clip Precision : Yes
90° Character Rotation : No
Any Angle Character Rotation : No
Independent X-Y Scaling : No
Double Weighted Characters : No
Italic : No
Underline : Yes
Strikeout : Yes
Raster Fonts : Yes
Vector Fonts : Yes

Color Management Capabilities :
Gamma Ramp : Yes
ICM Device : No

Are all video cards standard? I think there are a couple of different hardware slots or something and i need to get the right sort

All help much appreciated

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December 30, 2008 9:58:39 PM

Thanks for the reply.

I looked at the pics, but it seems like there are two different sockets.

I assumed that since i can plug two monitors into the one card, that there would be two identical sockets
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December 30, 2008 10:36:20 PM

Yeah unfortunately this one is out of stock, because it comes with the adapter;

They are rather cheap at a computer surplus store (~ $5), or if you have a friend who works with lotsa machines, or recently bought a new card and has a DVI LCD, you can probably get one from them. I have like 10-15 of them lying around at work, and even the VGA to DVI ones (rarer basically to support DVI-A).

They are easy to find, and not worth paying shipping for.
December 31, 2008 1:42:32 AM

mobo Asus A8NSLI delus
chipset nVidia nforce4
Opteron 180
3gig ram
Video cards colorgraphic xentera gt
network card Marvell semiconductor- was galileo technology ltd
December 31, 2008 7:19:55 AM

Thanks guys, i just ordered the card, two monitors and the adaptor.

Soon i can have 6 monitors, instead of just four!