Going from four to six monitors

H, my puter is a couple of years old, and has four monitors, and i wish to add another two. This was planned for, so i know it can be done.

The problem is my computer guy is no longer around, and i dont know what i need to do. I think i need to get another video card and obviously the hardware to plug the monitors in.

Following is some stuff i found using pc wizard. If you need any more info, please ask.

It looks like i have two video cards, the colorgraphic xentera gt. I think that each does two monitors, so i will need one more vid card?

Monitor type, plug and play

Open gl yes

Gdi plus yes

I think they have gone bust.

I will only be using 17" screens, nothing fancy, no games, just poker.

General Information :
Manufacturer : ATI Technologies Inc (Colorgraphic Communications Corp)
Model : Colorgraphic Xentera GT
Bus Type : PCI
Total Memory : 64 MB
Texture Memory : 57 MB
Processor : MOBILITY RADEON 9000 (0x4C66)
Converter : Internal DAC(400MHz)
Refresh Rate (min/max) : 56/85 Hz

GPU Information :
Number of GPU : 1
Codename : RV250
Bus : 128-bit
Memory Type : DDR
GPU Frequency : 299.25 MHz - [initial : 300 MHz]
Memory Frequency GPU : 249.75 MHz - [initial : 250 MHz]
DirectX Support : 8.1
Pixel Shader Version : 1.4

GPU Configuration :
Technology CrossFire : No

GPU Timings :
CAS Latency (tCL) : 3 clocks
RAS to CAS (tRCD) : 9 clocks
RAS Precharge (tRP) : 3 clocks
Cycle Time (tRAS) : 6 clocks

Video Bios Information :
Date : 05/03/28
ID : BK-ATI VER008.006.011.000
Catalyst :

General Features :
Width : 280 mm
Height : 210 mm
Pixel per inch : 96x96 dpi
bits per pixel : 32
Colour Bits/Planes : 1
Brushes : 4294967295
Pens : 4294967295
Markers : 0
Device Fonts : 0
Device Colours : 4294967295
Clip Output to Rectangle : Yes
Hardware Acceleration : Yes

Blend and Shade Capabilities :
GradientFill Rectangle : No
GradientFill Traingle : No
Per Pixel AlphaBlend : Yes
Premultiplied Alpha : No

Raster Capabilities :
Banding : No
Transfer Bitmaps : Yes
Bitmap >64 KB : Yes
Fonts larger than 64 K : Yes
DIBs : Yes
Flood Fills : Yes
Scaling : No
StretchBlt : Yes
StretchDIB : Yes

Curves Capabilities :
Chord Arcs : Yes
Circles : Yes
Elipses : Yes
Interiors : Yes
Pie Wedges : Yes
Rounded Rectangles : Yes
Styled Borders : Yes
Wide Borders : Yes
Wide, Styled Borders : Yes

Lines Capabilities :
Interiors : Yes
Markers : Yes
Polylines : Yes
Polymarkers : Yes
Styled : Yes
Wide : Yes
Wide, Styled : Yes

Polygonal Capabilities :
Interiors : Yes
Alternate Fill Polygons : Yes
Winding Fill Polygons : Yes
Rectangles : Yes
Scan Lines : Yes
Styled Borders : Yes
Wide Borders : Yes
Wide, Styled Borders : Yes

Text Capabilities :
Stroke Precision : Yes
Stroke Clip Precision : Yes
90° Character Rotation : No
Any Angle Character Rotation : No
Independent X-Y Scaling : No
Double Weighted Characters : No
Italic : No
Underline : Yes
Strikeout : Yes
Raster Fonts : Yes
Vector Fonts : Yes

Color Management Capabilities :
Gamma Ramp : Yes
ICM Device : No

Are all video cards standard? I think there are a couple of different hardware slots or something and i need to get the right sort

All help much appreciated
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  1. Just add one of these and you'll be fine;


    or for the same GPU core as your other card(s);


    That's all you need for what you want to do.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I looked at the pics, but it seems like there are two different sockets.

    I assumed that since i can plug two monitors into the one card, that there would be two identical sockets
  3. Unless you have one laying around, you'll need to use one of these.


    You might want to try buying one from a local shop, as the shipping will probably put this close to $8-$10.
  4. Yeah unfortunately this one is out of stock, because it comes with the adapter;


    They are rather cheap at a computer surplus store (~ $5), or if you have a friend who works with lotsa machines, or recently bought a new card and has a DVI LCD, you can probably get one from them. I have like 10-15 of them lying around at work, and even the VGA to DVI ones (rarer basically to support DVI-A).

    They are easy to find, and not worth paying shipping for.
  5. I forgot to mention, i would like to buy from


    as i would already be buying the monitors from them

    Could someone please point out what my options are from here?

    All help much appreciated!
  6. mobo Asus A8NSLI delus
    chipset nVidia nforce4
    Opteron 180
    3gig ram
    Video cards colorgraphic xentera gt
    network card Marvell semiconductor- was galileo technology ltd
  7. Thanks guys, i just ordered the card, two monitors and the adaptor.

    Soon i can have 6 monitors, instead of just four!
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