ATI HD3850 & ATI Tool

first off my specs:

ABIT Fatal1ty AN9-32X
AMD X2 5000BE @ 3.2GHZ (16X200)
2GB OCZ 800 Gold
AC Freezer 64 Pro
HD3850 PCIe 2.0
Ultra X550 PSU

I cant get ATI Tool to change my core clock or mem clock? what gives? using ATI Tool worked fine on my X800GTO AGP on my old mobo. tried rivatuner but didnt really like it

any ideas?
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  1. why dont you just use overdrive via CCC?
  2. i dont see options on there that let me control the fan where as atitool does.......guess i just become accustomed to certain things working right
  3. catalyst 8.10 and up has those options.
  4. i just checked and i have 8.12 installed the clock adjustments are limited and i still dont see any fan control.....ill just have to fart around with it a lil
  5. thats weird. well mine has.

  6. yeah i see what u mean.......i dont get it
    here is my CCC

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