Samsung Spinpoint F3 OWNERS 1tb/500gb Raid 0 RMA process? reviews?

I decided to buy two Samsung Spin point F3 1tb to go with a raid 0 setup or maybe a Samsung F3 500gb because its a single platter =] and perhaps faster or equal to the 1tb.

going to go with Samsung for raid versus wd blacks.. good choice?

Hows your experience with it?
Is it reliable like WD?
Did you ever rma your hdd? how was the experience?
Which one is better Samsung Spinpoint f3 1tb raid or 500gb raid?

Going to order it from new egg 140 for 2tb hdd =]

Basically.. will it live as long as a wd

if not im going to buy the wd 640gb black drives
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  1. are the 500gb blacks single platter now? or is it the same using two platters?
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