Precedent for monitor/video card dying together overnight?

Windows XP Pro 64 bit version
2-3 year old MSI GeForce 7800GT
4-5 year old Hyundai 19" Monitor

I turn my compter off last night after installing latest windows updates and this morning the monitor can't get a signal from the video card. I try different DVI cables, different monitors, the other DVI port, nothing works. At this point I assume my video card is fux0rzed, yet the fan still runs on it and everything seems to be kosher from an outside point of view.

I put in another video card (PCI, AGP), and that doesnt work on my current monitor, but it does work on a different monitor. My current monitor looks a little loopy when its just only plugged in (either only power, or power+computer), the light by the power button is changing colors and stuck in a loop.

I thought it might have been the windows updates because when i go to my windows display settings with both cards plugged in (the PCI-E one that might be broken, and the PCI one to test) and choose the 7800 GT, it says something or other about the driver not being compatable with this version of windows (64 bit), yadda yadda. I tried to revert windows to before the updates, thinking that maybe they snuck in a new video driver that made things screwy, but no luck there. I also did grab the latest drivers for the card (Oct 2008) which didn't change anything either.

How the hell does both a video card and a monitor die overnight when the PC isnt turned on? Can one peice of hardware die somehow and drag the other down with it?

The only major things I changed was the windows updates the night before and a setting 2 nights ago to allow dual monitors so we could hook up my computer to our TV and watch a hulu stream. Nothing major happened overnight, no storms, it's not particularly static-y down here either.

Did both peices of hardwear take a **** on me? Anyone have an idea, or know any similar problems? I did find a guy on Tom's hardware that had a similar problem about a month ago, but he fixed it by getting a new video card.
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  1. mobo dead? problem with the power-wall-plug thing?
  2. Nope I'm using my computer right now. Had to change out the video card AND the monitor. Mobo is working great. Tried different power outlets, didn't help.

    I appreciate the reply though :]
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