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Hi. I put my new PC together and I have the MSI P55-GD65 which comes with a feature called OC Genie to auto OC the mem and CPU. I have used it and it goes up to 3.3ghz with a BCLK 187 only a 17x multiplier and it sets the RAM to the manufacturer's suggested 1600mhz, 8-8-8-24 timings.

I saved this setting in the BIOS and disabled OC Genie. Then, set back to defaults. I then first tried simply increasing the BCLK without touching any other default settings and I put it up to 150 from 133 just for kicks to have a base CPU at 3ghz (20x) and with Intel Turbo Boost it hit up to 3.6ghz (up to 24x multiplier with 3 cores disabled).

I then realised I need to set my RAM to proper settings. First I was going to do it manually, but I decided to try loading the XMP in BIOS using the profile I saved from OC Genie. This then set the ram to the proper frequency and timings, and it put my BCLK at 161. So now my CPU at stock settings is at a very stable 3.2ghz and boosts up to 3.86. With the default settings it also idles with a 9x multiplier.

I guess the question is which is going to be better in terms of overall speed? I know a BCLK of 187 would generally increase overall performance but the turbo boost and energy saving features are pretty nice. Also, does that 26mhz increase (161->187) increase GPU abilities?
What would be the correct test to run to compare these two settings?
I have CPU-Z and HWMonitor and I've tried the test HeavyLoad but it doesn't actually give results it's more just to check temps and speed under load. Would that Pi test or mem86+ be appropriate? (I only know them by name - I'm a newbie in the OC world)
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  1. I usually use Prime95 to check if an OC is Stable and Accurate.

    I also use 3Dmark06 or Vantage to see what effect my OC had.

    For my OC, I turned off turbo (that would be a high turbo! Though it might have worked) but kept all other power saving features on. Now it no longer downclocks, but it runs very cool so I assume the power management still mostly works.
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