Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB Hard Drive for $50

I'm currently considering purchasing a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB Hard Drive priced at $50 after rebate.

20 GB / $1 is quite cheap. The cheap price is actually what attracts me to it, but it also makes me skeptical since several reviews mention it dying on them within 3 months. However, some mention that the drives failing has little/nothing to do with the drive, and rather that the motherboards they're connected to were not designed with large storage devices in mind, and that is the cause for them failing so soon. Is there truth to this?

Is the Seagate Barracuda a reliable series? By reliable I mean will generally last 3+ years before failing.

What brands are reputable as being reliable? Which should I avoid?

If the mentioned hard drive is unreliable, could you suggest any offering 15GB (or more) per $1 that are? Looking for 500GB+ for size. System will be used mostly for gaming.

System: I will be using
(not sure if that's relevant or not)
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  1. With hard drives, luck usually is a factor. I have Seagate's die on me before, but they do usually die in a graceful manner (I am able to get all of the contents before it really craps out).

    Western Digital is also good and does seem to be a bit more reliable than Seagate, though luck is still a factor.

    I currently have 1 500GB 7200.12 running for about a year now and the other 500GB has been running for months. No problems so far <crosses fingers>.
  2. People who have drives that fail often abuse them in one way or another. I've only had one Seagate ever die on me and it did so gracefully enough that I was able to recover all of it's data. I also had a WD die on me but it was in a DVR which is brutal on drives regardless of type.

    Keep in mind that there's really very little difference in the components of most drives (remember the little flooding problem in Taiwan?).
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