How to permanently uninstall keyboard driver on Fujitsu xp tablet

I spilled coke (diet pepsi actually) onto keyboard. It has friedn the keyboard. Good news is that if I plug in external the external works fine. Problem is the onbaord keyboard hasa permenanetly depressed key short which makes it almost impossible to navigate/user consistently.

I have attempted uninstalling the driver for the onboard keybaord. It then tells me to restart to computer to have the deletion take affect...of course it then reinstalls the driver.

I want to essentially permanently disable by onboard keyboard by uninstalling that driver. Or...possibly another way of disabling onboard keyboard?

Forgive me if I am a little slow here. Normally don't get involved at this deep a level with drivers/bios etc....that's what happens when you drink a freakin soda by a keyboard! doih!

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    Keyboards don't have much in the way of active electronics anymore. They are mainly a matrix of switches.

    The keyboard can be removed and cleaned with alcohol, or un-plugged from the mainboard.

    They are usually in layers, a pressed key connects one layer to another at a specific position to cause the computer to interpret what key has been pressed. A spilled soda will stick contacts together but is not likely to fry anything in the keyboard.

    Give make, model and I'll see I can find dis-assembly instructions for your machine.

    If you really want to disable the keyboard, do this:

    Start>Run>Services.msc>Shell Hardware Detection Service>Disable
    You will also lose autorun for the CD/DVD drives.

    Now with this service disabled, uninstall the keyboard again and it will stay gone.

  2. Thanks Tigsounds....
    It is a "Fujitsu Lifebook" tablet. "T" Series cofiguration is Lifebook T 7300 build # 4sarn0 Thanks for everything...there is hope!
  3. The T series are very similar between the numbered models.
    I found instructions for the T 4200, and a link is provided below.
    Watch out for the keyboard ribbon cable where it connects to the mainboard. There may be a sliding lock to keep it in place so it won't fall out of it's socket.
  4. Hi all
    i got ASUS A6RP notebook with broken keyboard, the disable of service dont work at me, i upgrade keyboard drive to Incompatible type, then if finally stop spamming. If you be so glad if you can help me find some instruction to remove and clean my keyboard. cheers Ondro
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