GA-EP45-UD3P not supporting IDE devices

Hey Everyone,
I tried connecting multiple harddrives and dvdroms to the IDE connection on a GA-EP45-UD3P with 2GB OCZ ram and Q6600 (everything brand new) and the bios would not recognise either. It even burned one of the harddrive! Literally smoke was coming out of it and a small heated bump formed on the underside (circuit board area) So I bought SATA drive and CDrom nad now it works perfect.

The question is can I get my old IDE devices to work with this new board???
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  1. yea probably, I'd assume that your hard drive was defective, or maybe the IDE cable, however if u have an issue with IDE try changing SATA mode in the bios, fourth option in the left column as far as I remember, it has STH like enhanced, combined, non combined and so on..
    try playing with options and see what comes up
  2. I tried resetting all the settings in the bios. The board would not recognise even the brand new drives (they powered up correctly) SATA drives on the other hand worked perfectly....? I dont feel like throwing away my older IDE devices and spending money on new that a known issue? did anyone got this board to work?
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