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I am working on a friends computer. I have never been stumped like this. The specs are: Pentium 3 1ghz, 40gb HD, 128mb RAM+64MB RAM (SDRAM)
I understand this computer is crap lol. According to the sticker on the front it originally had Windows 2000. My friends friend (confusing) tried to install Windows Xp, he appearently was an idiot, the entire hard drive was corrupted and it took a half hour to format to NTFS with the Xp installation CD. If I try to install any operating system, Fedora, Vista, 2000, Xp, it always can format the hard drive, in XP, copies a few files, cant copy a few files (starting with DLL's) and then crashes. I have tried FAT32 and NTFS. In my opinion the hard drive is shot. Your opinion?
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