Very Low Scores in 3Dmark Vantage 1.0 by HIS 4850 1GB Iceq4!

My Problem is very low scores in 3DMark Vantage 1.0 by 4850 HIS 1GB IceQ4

see my system specification and benchmarks:

and this one is crysis warhed benchmark (this one is good !):

and other information my system:
Mainboard is : ASUS M2N-E (570 Ultra)
Power: Green 535watt real 38A on 12v

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  1. Well what where you expecting from the card. That doesn't seem like to bad a benchmark considering the processor.

    That guy didn't get much better using a better processor and overclocked 4850.
  2. same system get minimum 9500 score from 3dmark vantage but for me is very bad (5200score). this means my processor is very poor for 4850 ?
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