My new build not booting, asus m3a78-em,cpu4850e,4gb xms2.

Im desperate with this build, F i have no luck in this life.

If any here got experience on this to help me resolve the problem i appreciate..

This is what i have seen having problem while it was working, randomly shutdown once a long while or so, When the MONITOR BACKGROUND have a black image i see a some little tiny white dots flashing running up, just in the left side of the screen.

Another thing i went to play the first game and when 1 minute or so in game computer shutdown.
NEXT i was browsing the web and some weird green lines came across and froze the computer, so i shutdown and now when i Hit POWER BUTTON everything make sound like turning on but no booting BEEP happens.

So this can be the CPU right or wrong? I did the following i took out both MEMORY STICK and i get a beep...beep....beep that means MOTHERBOARD is good? then it could be the CPU ? i tried everything i could like cleaning the jumper setting and battery out and all that stuff.

IS THERE a way to see if the CPU is faulty? my other computer use SOCKET A so i dont have other way to test it. SO HERE I AM if any can tell me
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  1. Please edit your post to make it more readable and provide a complete list of components. The symptoms that you described indicate a video card issue. Do you have another video card?
  2. Power Supply!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. POWER SUPPLY is perfectly fine, i test with 2 others.

    I dont have PCIE video cards, i was using the MOBO onboard video.

    i believe the problem could be either the MOTHERBOARD or the CPU, not sure.

    does the CPU have anything to do with background display and stuff with graphic? cause when the background was black, on the left screen corner it had some lightning dots running up and i tried installing winxp then vista and newest ATI drivers and none fixed the problem.

    and once it happen that the CPU has 2 CORES right? 1 core was 100% load without anything running... and i had to reboot it.
  4. What motherboard and CPU? Why don'y you list all components?
  5. The motherboard and CPU are listed in the red bar above his post, it sounds to me like a video issue as well, it may be overheating for whatever reason, make sure there is plentiful airflow through the case. but if it is a video issue you could narrow that down by trying a dedicated card in the system if you can get your hands on one. Also, try using only one stick of memory and see if that works, if it doesn't, try the other stick. I don't know if this will help, but its worth a shot. Good Luck!
  6. OH sorry but i don't want to explain everything tonight 1AM where i am...ill try to post tomorrow.
  7. hey thanks for replys

    Well i already RMA the motherboard at newegg.

    I try change with 1 stick at once and each of everything.

    The airflow, i dont think is a problem since the case have 1 fan blowing air into the onboard heatsink and 2 other out + cpu HSF also cool the onboard sink.
    Well you are right i think is the video issue and it had problem since the first day and instant i powered on the system.

    so i send back for exchange and i hope it comes without problems this time, im not too confident cause the Newegg reviews have 1 in 10+ the same problem as me. I dont know what is wrong cause the benchmarks clocked the Video Onboard up to 925mhz stable on the GYGABITE 780G which is similar to this ASUS 780G.
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