Time to get a new heat sink or not?

I recently got a new 955 Black, c3 stepping, and am in the point of considering of getting a new heat sink. Currently I have a Tuniq Tower 120, original one, from like 2004-05, coupled with a 110CFM silverstone fan, also from around 04-05. Got it originally for my opteron 165 OC to 2.8ghz, then used on a X2 4200+ @ 3ghz, and most recently a 5000+ black at 3ghz. I can say, with out a doubt, this heat sink has done me well. The opteron, which was "naked" ran a few degrees over ambient at 28C idle and high 40's load, and kept the same pace with the 4200+, can't be sure about the 5000+ black, cpu didn't give correct core temps, brisbane.

Well here I am now, so far at stock the cpu is running about 37-38C idle and hit 51C high temp over a 9hr overnight prime95 session. I would prefer a lower idle temp, but these temps are fine so far. What I am really concerned about is that I do plan to push this cpu towards 4.0ghz after a few weeks to a month of stock running and would like a little more assurance.

Currently I'm looking at getting a Venomous-X with 2 high CFM fans, a TRUE, or a xigmatek dark knight to replace my tuniq. Another option I am looking at is maybe just lapping my heat sink, don't know if that would make much a difference. Another small question is on thermal paste, I have been solidly using Ceramique since seems like forever, and am wondering if there is anything out there that would give me a decent benefit over it.

Little more about my setup, got a coolermaster 690 case, using 2 140mm fans on the top to blow up and out, got an older 120x32mm silverstone high pressure fan blowing into the hdd bay, 110cfm scythe fan blowing up into the case from the bottom, with 2 120x38mm scythe fans, 1 on the back for exhaust and 1 mounted in the front bays pulling air in, one of the silent fans that came with the case on the side blowing air in, as well as a slim 80mm mounted in the side slot pulling air from behind the motherboard out of the case. Can get a little loud if need be, but with 2 fan controllers, 8 fans total, I don't keep all these fans at full throttle unless need. My fan controller with temp diodes placed around my case lists my hdd bay around 31C, inner case around 30C and 2 spots on my heatsink at 30-32C, idle. This is florida, US and with AC room temperature is around 25C/78F.

Thanks for any help and/or ideas.

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  1. http://www.frostytech.com/top5heatsinks.cfm?id=QeeVTha7 this will tell you the best for air cooling
  2. i think watercooling eliminates 70% of cooling heartache and shopping =D
  3. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Your temps look good.

    High overclocks will depend on the quality of your cpu chip. The difference between your cooler and the very best may make little difference. Also, do you really need a higher overclock? It may make little difference in your application performance or FPS.

    I sense the urge to spend some $; how about getting a second monitor?
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