My Simple Dvd-Rom cant write/burn to a blank dvd disk, why is that so?

I have a Lite On DVD C LH52C1P Dvd Rom. It can read/write on compact discs and read DVD disks with files inside, but it can't Read Blank cds when I look at My Computer so I cannot Burn files.
Is there a Problem or is it because its not a dvd writer?
Is there a software that makes a not DVD Writer a Writer? Thanks.
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  1. Not all CDRW/DVDROMs can read and write all brands of media.Go here, to find firmware updates by using the drop-downs for your optical/model#. The update may let your drive see the media you are using. If it does not, then you'll have to use another brand of disk.
  2. According to the LiteOn site, your drive can not write to DVDs.
    As far as I know, no software can change this.

    As for burning CDs, I agree with treefrog07. Check the LiteOn site for firmware
  3. Look here. It doesn't list a DVD write speed, because it can't.
    You have a DVD ROM, not a DVD RW. No firmware or software will change it.
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