4870 - flickering.... brand new

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

Brand new 4870. Not overclocking or anything.... (newbie - don't know how). Plugged into to a Insignia 22" LCD/HDTV. Using a digital to analog VGA convertor that came with the 4870 as my LCD/HDTV doesn't have the digital connection, just the older analog style VGA connection.

The LCD/HDTV supports 1650x1050 at 60Hz. But when I run in that resolution, the screen hurts my eyes and is flickering/unstable. I used this same LCD/HDTV on an old PC that is 3-4 years old with an integrated video card and I did NOT get any flickering on that PC.

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  1. First stop check the psu that u have tat powers the gfx...cos if the psu is nt supplying enuf juice to ur card the there can be many issues with the display...If u can post ur comp specs...And also do a regular connectors check on the mobo,gfx card,psu, monitor,...
  2. All brand new equipment as of today. PSU is a Corsair 650, MB is a Gigabyte EP45. E8400, 4GB memory, etc.

    If I switch to 1024x768, I get no flickering. 800x600 and 1650x1050 both give me flickering. All at 60hz.
  3. Did u try any other monitor ....check wit other monitors if any....it mite be that the LCD is not accepting the resolution properly...
  4. If I use a cheapo 15" LCD panel I had laying around, it does 640x480, 800x600,1024x768, and 1280x1024 without flicking. I can't do anything else really since this is an older monitor...
  5. hey jwauk99, there is another thread below urs that the guy had the same problem and he fixed his by installing a previous verison of ATI Catalyst driver.....8.11 i believe

    he had the same flickering
  6. I think u should try out ur card in some other pc so u could confirm if the card has a problem or the LCD...other than tat i dont see any prob...Well a lil late... nice soln Ricman...forgot to say to check the drivers...
  7. I am having a similar flickering...

    Its not all the time, it is just at startup of games... but i shouldnt have to live with it.. it is a brand new 4870 with my oldschool but good 21" CRT dell monitor. My system is brand spanking new and has plenty of juice.

    I should not be having this issue. I am going to try to install the earlier version of Catalyst and see if that helps. If not -- heck, im just gonna have to treat myself to a new 22" monitor hehe... :o
  8. Eaerlier version of catalyst didn't help for me.
  9. since the drivers failed to correct it, heres few more things to try out

    1. check your refresh rate
    2. if u are using a DVI to D-Sub adapter, try both DVI outputs on the card
    3. the resolution do u know for a fact ur monitor can handle high resolutions?

    is this ur TV by any chance......http://www.insignia-products.com/pc-338-1-insignia-22-720p-widescreen-flat-panel-lcd-hdtv.aspx

    if it is, it says that it has HDMI......so Id suggest getting a DVI to HDMI video cable. also states max resolution is 1680X1050
  10. Yes. That is my LCD HDTV I have. I am currently using a DVI to Analog output since the LCD doesn't have DVI.

    What's the different of using HDMI? I really don't know what that is. The 4870 came with a DVI-to-HDMI convertor I think, but I don't have an HDMI cable.

    I'm pretty sure I tried the other DVI output on the 4870 too, but I didn't get any video out of that port when I switched over.
  11. Also, is using an HDTV LCD a bad idea for a computer monitor? I looked at prices for comptuer LCDs and they were just as expensive as an HDTV LCD that had a cable tv input on it. So I thought, might as well buy one with a cable tv input since I also needed a TV. Are they not as good for computing as a regular LCD?
  12. J my man.......your TV does not need a DVI jack.....all it needs is a HDMI port, then u can buy a DVI to HDMI.....which will also allow u to use the LCD TV as a monitor.......

    DVI hooked to video card and the HDMI hooked up to TV's HDMI
  13. Well, FWIW, the issue turned out to be the Insignia LCD HDTV. I bought a new Dynex 22" LCD HDTV today and its MUCH better. No flicker, and it's working great. The Insignia is going back to the store since it's less than 30 days old. Thanks for all the tips.
  14. ^lol i was about to post the same thing...
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