How to remove a socket 478 processor?

Hi, i've been searching everywhere for a tutorial or a video to remove a socket 478 but they are different ones then mine look at this picture mines is similar to this and it doesn't have a clip.. Thank You
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  1. Release the locking lever, then pry up the CPU assembly (the whole thing shown in your picture).
  2. (You didn't clarify whether the heatsink/fan unit is still in place,
    so what follows assumes that it's still in place; if not, see above.)

    Here are 2 quick photos of a stock Intel HSF for the PGA-478 socket:

    Once the locking levers are released, you may need to pry the 4 plastic ends
    of the fan housing away from the heatsink; then, you can disassemble the
    component pieces.

    Often, the thermal paste has hardened, and you'll need to rotate the
    metal heatsink clockwise then counter-clockwise, to break that bond.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Umm i dont have a locking lever or that border its just plain!! sitting there....
  4. Well all i can tell you is that i dont have locking levers or a heatsink on top lol....
  5. you posted an |Intel Xeon processor?
    Is that a socket 478 aswell?

    you should try a how to on youtube.
  6. oh you've got a dell two plastic pieces on the side. just push 1 plastic siding to the side and lift on the heatsink. push and lift to the right side while the inputs are facing you. don't worry the sidings won't break they are very very durable trust me i went "ape" on one the other day.
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