DDR3 Ram, which is the best overall

Hi, i was just wondering if there's a difference between Branded rams, and copy brands?

Also if anyone could recommend some brands that are good but also not too expensive,
I'm looking for 3x2gb if that helps.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd check NewEgg.com, or TigerDirect.com and see which brands are on sale. Depending on your budget you can go w/ more extreme modules or more standard ram. The key i think is to stick w/ a good known company. OCZ, Mushkin (the brand i use), Patriot, Crucial (their Ballistix line is very good, but a bit pricey, Kingston & CORSAIR are all good companies. Deals change daily, so i'd see whats available and maybe on sale.
    Personally i'd stay away from cheapo no-name-brand RAM. Why risk it when the prices are so relatively low
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