Asus 9800gt matrix fan connector ?

Hi all. I have an ASUS 9800gt matrix with overheating problems. I'm running Windows 7 x64 and have tried lots of different programs to try and set the fan speed higher. (Rivatuner, asus itracker, smart doctor, etc.) none of them does anything. The fan stays completely off no matter how hot the card gets. This specific card series come with this "hybrid" cooling system which relies on heatsinks until the temperature gets considerably high, thats when the fan supposedly kicks in, it just doesnt, its been getting as hot as 120C on 2D (windows desktop).

However, i do know the fan itself is working, or should be, as ive heard it turn on randomly for a couple of seconds and it does lower the cards temperature while its on but thats completely random. So what i want to do now is to connect the fan directly to my power supply, im assuming that would keep it on, always. I really dont mind the noise. Thing is, the conector seems to be a 3 pin, but a very little one, not the standard fan one im used to. I'm attaching some pictures of it. If anyone knows what the name of it is so i can find an adapter or anything, that'd be a lot of help !


and this last one i found it on google, some person asking what the name of the conector is. Looks like the same one ive got.
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  1. The fan could be dying. Anyway, this place will have what you need for an adaptor.
  2. Well thanks for the reply. It would be a quick way to know if its dying or not. Im not sure i see the connector in that page though, the smaller ones are 2 pin..
  3. Look. two pin off a PSU plug don't matter.

    Red 12VDC
    Black ground
    Other color (usually yellow) is RPM sensing.

    PSU don't care about RPM, max 12VDC all the time. All the PSU has is +12 VDC and ground. So forget the rpm wire.
  4. alright so according to that info ive managed to get the fan up and running (permanently using the red and black cables). But apparently the card still overheats. Could it be the thermal compound on it ? seems like its totally dry...
  5. Yes, could be your case fans. You might be in a teriibly hot environment, I have no idea.

    Usually we use Furmark under load and a GPU minitoring software like Hardware Monitor (WH Monitor), ATI Tool, some Nvida stuff to look at load temps.

    If your saying your GPU gets to 120C then your really messed up. I dunno. 120C is like the card should die soon.
  6. if you've read through the forums and tomshardware news, you'll know that one version of nvidias driver caused ALL their cards to run very hot becos of a coding error. If i'm correct, its the 196. something something version of the nvidia whql driver.

    are you by any chance running that particular driver version?

    and see if you can replace the TIM - get an arcticcooling MX - 3
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm currently using the 197.45 drivers. I kinda got it solved by cutting the GPUs fan cables and connected them to a male molex connector just using the red and black cables. So now the fan is always turned on since its connected directly to my power supply which is what i wanted to do since the beginning. It would still get hot though, so i changed the thermal compound and now it seems to be fine. Running at about 60C idle and 75-90C load. I may have to change the fan though... i think. I've no idea what fan would be good and would fit it though.
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