WD6402AAEX 64mb SATA3 in RAID 0?

I'm planning to buy 2pcs WD6402AAEX 64mb SATA3, put them on RAID 0 array and boot the OS from them. Is this possible? I Have an Asus Corsshair IV Formula MOBO, and read lots of conflicting reviews. Can someone shed a light for me on this one?
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  1. You can boot from a RAID0 if you use onboard RAID drivers; i.e. Intel ICHxR.

    Please note that SATA3 does not mean anything on an HDD; it would still be limited to ~100MB/s or close to that. SATA3 or SATA/600 would only be useful on future released SSDs.
  2. Ohh thanks for that, well in that case ill just buy 2 pcs 500gb Barracuda ST3500418AS, put them in raid 0 and boot from them, is that possible with amd SB850? im using an asus crosshair iv formula, it says its capable of raid 0 but can i boot from it?
  3. Yes, though you would need the drivers on a USB Pendrive during Windows 7 install; they are likely not integrated already like the Intel drivers are.
  4. Yeah the AMD AHCI Driver, thanks man! :) ill update you on my build thanks again
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