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Windows 7 problem with oc....

i have an old p4 2.66ghz prescott
with intel d101ggc mobo.
ocing with bios is impossible..
so decided to try out setfsb
and amazingly i could get a stable clock of 3.8ghz(1.2ghz oc) with temp under control...
the problen is that windows(build 7600 rtm) always shows the stock speed....due to which games run like 2x fast forward any solu or inputs on this would be helpfull......
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  1. Could you describe the problem regarding the 2x fast fowarding while you game? Also, does this happen at stock speeds?
  2. for example if i play pop3 ....the prince runs like super sonic ......not able to speedkill...its like watching a movie in fast forward motion with audio does not happen at stock speeds...i think its because windows 7 does not recongnise the oc hence causes calculation is any utility to save the oc permanently.
  3. okay heres a thing i just found out...........
    when i change the fsb with setfsb and restart win7 it recongnises the new speed....
    and everything works fine........
    but if power off the pc ....and start it again same prob repeats.......
    its like i have to set fsb and restart everytime
    p.s setfsb starts itself with oc settings everytime through startup folder its just that i dont want restart it any solutions....
  4. Make your changes in the Bios
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    As Scotteq states, using the BIOS is the best and safest way to OC. However, it seems you stated you cannot OC with your BIOS. If that's the case, then the only thing I can say is, OC when you need to and then set it back to normal when you're done.

    Using software is not the best way to OC. Leads to too many corrupted installations/settings.
  6. seems theres no otherway..... anyways im happy with what i got.... cause i hve bought myself a new pc........with core i7 and thankyou for allyour inputs.....
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  8. did ur overclock remain after a few reboots...coz mine bounces back to original clockrates n bus speed :(
    i have to oc agn n agn through setfsb evry 3rd reboot i guess
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