After i format my hdd can i reinstall windows vista back on to my hdd using reco

hi guys

having a bit of a problem with my hard drive, my laptop was workin fine the other day but then crashed tried to restart but on restart got (fatal error)STOP C0000021A, i was shocked to see this appear so thinkin i got a virus or malware i scanned my entire laptop.... no joy:(. then reading up on it it could have been 1 of 10 problems and i must admit i didnt understand half of it but there was one option open to me factory default so i knew i had done this before easy enough using my acer recovery disks oh sorry i forgot to mention my laptop is an acer aspire 5100, anyway i started to boot laptop cut out before booting from the hard drive so i thought ok ill boot from my cd drive for the recovery .... just as recovery began my laptop cut out AGAIN this was annoying so nothing was happening for me when i turned the laptop on .so i took a hard drive from my second laptop and stuck it in worked straight away, i then used a sata/ide cable to see what went wrong with the hard drive, the hard drive was unreadable because acer recovery had started and wipe the drive but my second partition on the drive was perfect. SORRY FOR BABBLING ON. could i format my drive then reinstall the os on the hdd using the acer recovery disk and how. thanks guys
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  1. Presumably the Acer recovery disk is a CD/DVD so, in theory, there should be no problem booting from this and letting it reinstall an OS image. Obviously you will lose any data you have created.

    I think I would read the paperwork which came with the computer before doing it though.

    Or speak to Acer -- from what you say there may be a hardware fault and reinstalling the OS may not help.
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