Gateway Profile 2... how to open case?

Has anyone here successfully opened the case of one of these alien objects? I've just got one in which won't power up. Apparently it went "pop". I tried switching it on and there's no response. If I need a new power supply unit, would it be possible to obtain one that's compatible?

It's reasonable to assume that if it was put together, it can be taken apart... but there are no pages obtained through Google telling me exactly how, although one man seems to have succeeded in 2005.
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  1. Photos? Screws are often hidden beneath rubber feet, stickers, and that sort of thing.
  2. Sorry I don't know how to attach a photo on this forum.

    It appears the screws are behind the hinged monitor, and I don't see a method of removing the monitor.
  3. Just upload the photos to a public site such as photobucket, and post the links here.

    The power supply is going to be so proprietary, it's not even worth fixing it. Also, it's a system that was designed to run Windows 98! Better off just keeping the hard drive out of it, and throwing it away.
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