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Little problem here, which I would love to get help with. I am using a W-1907 monitor, running Vista. I am having this same problem that my monitor will not wake up from sleep. When I re-boot, it flashes "Monitor is going to sleep", and then just goes blank. How can I download any drivers or updates without having a screen to use?
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  1. is it the computer that is the problem, or the monitor?
    try another monitor and make sure the VGA cord is connected all the way
  2. You could try the other DVI connector on the card.. I've been through these shenanigans before, Sometimes just shutting down the computer completely for awhile works. Might be a sign of your powersupply crapping out too. And sometimes just a driver update fixes the problem. Actually right now, my monitor WON'T goto sleep. Problem started when i installed my new videocard, with a driver reinstall of course. Havent bother'd trying new drivers yet..:P
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