I call her Ingraham

My latest:

I call it Ingraham after the Ingraham Cabinet Co. that made many wooden radio cases during the 30's and 40's. The specific inspiration is the Stromberg Carlson model 1110H radio with Ingraham case.

American black walnut veneer over basswood and aircraft-grade plywood cladding the aluminum skin of a Silverstone LC06 mini-ITX case. Centerpiece is an Arlen Ness baby moon gas cap for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It is chrome-plated billet aluminum.

Evercool Fox-1 system blower controlled by a rheostat. Back panel is burl walnut.

VIA VB8001 mainboard with 16x PCI-e slot. VIA Nano processor at 1.6GHz.

4GB of Crucial DDR2 and a Crucial 64GB SSD mounted below the board. Large red blower support bracket to help protect it during shipping.

The Ingraham will debut to the public at CES in Jan in conjunction with VIA's Nano CPU hoopla.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. i wouldn't mind one in my living room as long as it isn't over $650. it looks really nice and would probably be good for a nice little htpc with a Hdd upgrade and possibly a 4550/350 in there as well
  2. ^+1. Looks like a mini ITX board. Exactly how much space do you have to work with?
  3. Thanks guys!

    Thanks Daft for that $650 offer. I had no idea I was Chinese working in a slave labor factory.

    Couple more...

  4. thanks for that coke can reference, how much would you sell one of these anyway?
  5. No probs...a can of Coke is the USC (Universal Size Comparator) :D

    I'm just a hobbyist. Nobody spamming or pimping sales here.

    You can see twenty or so of my other projects at slipperyskip.com
  6. I made some speakers from the leftover materials from Ingraham. Tossed in a little mahogany and brass inlay for good measure.

  7. $650?! Talk about a low ball offer.
  8. Very Impressive. I'm almost in a bit of aww. Even the speakers look great.

    How many hours did this project take you?

    thanks for the photos :)
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