I think Windows 7 hates my DVD writer.

Ever since I installed windows 7 64-bit, everything has worked well for the most part. My DVD writer doesn't work all the time, sometimes it detects what's on the disk, sometimes not. I have a 2 HD, one sata, and the other is set as IDE master....where the DVD writer is set to slave. In BIOS, everything works, and everything is set properly; I even loaded the setup defaults, and picked and chose wisely the boot priority, and so on. First off, is my DVD writer too old for windows 7?? It's from 2005, and is a SAM SUNG Write-master 16x drive. I went to Samsung and the newest driver for it was already on my installation CD I got with the drive. Tried to install it, but windows insisted on it being an old driver, and used the windows default driver instead. Should I be using the original driver or Win7 driver?? Second, I did a little research on the win7 compatibility list, and it's not listed; probably because it's old, dunno. Maybe I'll throw the towel in and buy a SATA DVD burner, maybe it's time.

If anyone can provide me with help that would allow my driver to work, that would be great.
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  1. Have you set the HDD jumper to "master" and the DVDRW to "slave?" If so, the connector furthest from the motherboard connector should be connected to the HDD and the middle one to the DVDRW. If not, try that configuration. It is generally not a good idea to put a HDD and a DVDRW on the same IDE cable.
  2. No, Windows 7 hates you, and is just screwing with your DVD to annoy you...
  3. Drives do go bad and 5 years for a $25 part is not that bad.
  4. Go to newegg.com and order a brand new one,you can get one for a little over $20.00.
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