"Pipes" in the sky and chunks of the map missing?

I have attempted to research this topic but i don't really know how to explain it well so I will to my best here. This has only really happened twice, the first time was in 3DMark06 when I OC'ed fairly high and what happed was that on most of the graphic test, there we're textures flickering and sometimes even entire chunks of the screen missing.

The other instance was a couple of days ago at a LAN party, we we're playing WaW and my PC was running it great an all and then we enter this one map and I notice that in the sky there are "pipes" so I pay closer attention to them (while getting killed) and I notice that entire chunks of the sky are gone, missing, unrendered. Then it was not only the sky but in th map as well. The best way to describe it was Grey pipes going through the map. I even called people over to make sure I was not seeing things. The funny thing is that we played that map before a bunch of times and nothing like that ever happened, and it happed that one time and then it never happened again.

So I was wondering what do you guys think this is? I am very sure its a Graphics card issue. My best bet is overheating but I want a second opinion. Thanks!

oh and I forgot to add that my 4850 does have the standard ATi cooler on so It does a great job at keeping the temperature at 80C
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  1. bumb
  2. could either be heat or corrupt video drivers. since works fine sometimes, must be the hardware itself and probably heat related. you may want to try turning your card's fan up higher to keep it cooler and see if that helps it.
  3. Is the driver up to date?
    Is there a more current beta driver available to test?
    Can you recreate the problem with 3dmark06? If you can, it will help validate any solution you try.
    Is the vga card overclocked? Try underclocking a bit.
    Will the problem go away if you increase case cooling? Run with the case side door off and direct a house fan at the innards.
    As mentioned, will upping the vga fan speed help?
    Are the psu leads connected securely?
    The 4850 coolers(excepting HIS) let the hot vga air recirculate in the case, causing problems.
    Look for something like this: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=popup_image_scroll&products_id=24472&image_scroll_id=0&zenid=d2931e5f1c2358f9b7ddf323f63c2efe

    It is always possible that the vga card is partly defective. If nothing else pans out, return it.
  4. i've had similar problems with crysis, can play for a few hours...then weird effects like texture walls appear and star tunnels (promise...not drug related!) it can't be overheating, i'm using a pair of watercooled 8800gtx's in SLi...i'd probably go with corrupt driver or game data
  5. Ok in 3Dmark06, I could probably recreate the problem but I didn't want to since I am afraid that If I do it again the card will fry.

    Thank you for the replies and confirming that it is infact heat related because I have the latest ATi drivers (8.12) so I dont think it was a driver issue.

    I am looking into changing the stock cooler on the card to the ZALMAN VF1000 which according to reviews on Newegg people have had great temp drops and I think my car will benefit being at idle at around 40C.
  6. +1 for heat.

    But, it could be memory clocks are to high. Have you OC'd your card. Either with ATI overdriver or rivatuner. I had the same problem once when i OC'd my memory clock to high.

    IF it is heat, i would try changing the air flow in my case or adding another case fan before i void the warranty by changing card fans.

    before you change card fans, download ATI tool and run it for artifacts. if you already have artifacts the card is bad, RMA it. I am not sure if ATI tool supports 48xx cards.

    ATI Tool: http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/
  7. See this before, try underclocking the video RAM by 50MHz or resetting to stock if you are overclocking.
    And there`s no harm in changing to a more effective cooler!
  8. some manufactrueres will void the warranty if the cooler is removed. Other than that, changing the cooler is a valid suggestion.
  9. As several have already said, either heat or RAM clock related, my old 1950Pro used to do the same thing I tried overclocking the memory or if it was a really hot day and I played for hrs....
  10. Ok so now I deduced that the 3DMark06 incident was most like both the too high GDDR3 clocks and heat since I was running the thing with an industrial fan on the side =P and the most recent WaW incident was mostlikely heat since the card was at stock clocks and I was playing for a couple of hours.

    As far as warranty i might be able to get away with it since if I change the cooler and I want to RMA it, I'll just change the cooler back. And i don't think I can RMA it to Newegg since i've had the card for probably close to 6 months now.
  11. The 8.12 drivers are already known to be defective in one way or another. Try the 8.11's. Also, if that doesn't/does help, try and speed up the fan. 40% is good and still bearable. Third, try under clocking your card.
  12. yeah my 8.12 drivers crash a lot but w/e :)

    under clocking back to stock everything fixed the crashes... so it migt not have been only the drivers...

    i'll work on getting this stable again... don't know what happened though... passes forever prime95 and furmark O_O
  13. You might try reseating the current cooler. If it was not done well at the factory, that could be part of the problem. Don't worry too much about heat damaging the card. VGA chips are built to run hot. 100c should be possible.
  14. well, thank yoy for the ATi Tool, im runnig it right now scaning for artifacts.

    Although I Have not had any problems with my 8.12 drivers crashing, I will try to Run 3Dmarks again in stock clocks and see if it happens again.

    So far no artifacts.

    Thanks for the input everyone!
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