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Hello, i have a LG external HDD 500GB (NTFS). i tried to format it and then a message poped up says "windows was unable to complete the format" then the file system of my external HDD went to RAW! i dont mind losing anything, i just my external go back to normal NTFS so i can store data. PLEEAAASEE HELP ME.

I use windows vista 32-bit on a laptop.
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  2. Have you tried rebooting? I had a glitch on a USB drive that set it into RAW mode. Unplugging and replugging the drive didn't solve the problem, but rebooting did.
  3. how do i reboot it ?!!
  4. try inserting that hardisk and go to manage option and disk management.....then delete that drive once and again try creating a new one.....

    OR ELSE dowload unlocker http://www.filehippo.com/download_unlocker/

    install it and try ulocking that hard disk and format it........
  5. CyberSam123 said:
    how do i reboot it ?!!

    Click "Start" and select "Shutdown". After the computer shuts down, turn it on again.
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