Need help on fan placment and more

Hello all

I have had this XG Viper case for abit now and found out the air flow/cooling was crap with 1=80mm infront blowing in , Water cooler Aquagate mini 80 (W/ 80mm on it) blowing into case at back of case , PSU Thoughpower 700W (Blowing in or out but I don't know). So I decided to add some fans and change the orientation.

Heres pic of the new setup.

My questions are ,

1)Having radiator up front with 120mm blowing thru radiator and 80mm in back of it sucking it thru. Is this Okay? (Temps seemed better , but still blowing into case)

2)Should the 80mm Side fan be blowing on CPU area or sucking air out?

3)Does the TT ToughPower 700W Blow air into or out of the case?

Basiclly thats it for now. I am planing to add 2 more fans to this setup later on. A 120mm or 90mm on top and a 120mm on the side.

CASE: XG Viper 2
CPU: E6600 Stock
MB: Asus Striker Extreme
PSU: TT Toughpower 700W
GPU: Geforce 8800GTX
RAM: 2 Gig's of Corsair

Temps: With CoreTemp & RivaTuner
CPU: 30/31 IDLE --- 45/47 3-5 Hours of gaming
GPU: 60/62 IDLE --- 70/71 3-5 Hours of gaming

Lemme know what ya think.

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  1. For some reason theres no spacing and the Link is broken. Sorry

    New setup is

    two 120mm Front intake
    one 90mm blowing up to GPU
    one 90mm out the back
    one 80mm side currently blowing air out of case

    should the side be blowing in or out??

    Thanks again,
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