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I know lcd's aren't supposed to have refresh rates but my new monitor seems to be straining my eyes more than my old one, and my old one was a crt which are supposed to be worse. Is there a reason there's a refresh rate and is there an antidote for my strained eyes. Oh and my monitor is
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  1. there is a refresh rate, for every monitor ever, unless its an old fashioned picture frame, but thats not a monitor. i don't see a refresh rate specs on the site, but i would figure from someone elses comment that you should set it to 70hz, that, or get a new gpu that can support it. if the refresh is good, then check you resolution, a low res could put strain on the eyes

    edit: just a little fact on lcd vs crt. lcds have a set number of pixels, unless your resolution is set to that amount, or something exactly similar so that the pixels wont overlay to another pixel, you will get optimal quality. while in crt displays, the pixels actually change size and pitch to the resolution that it is ran at. in short, if you are not running 1920x1080 on your current monitor, you won't get great image quality
  2. Of the monitor has drivers try installing them. Make sure the display is running at 60 hrtZ in the display driver as well.
  3. maybe my eyes just suck lol, as for video card, is hd 4870 1gb good enough? (sarcasim) and it's at 1920 x 1080 and 60 hz, I'll just deal with it I guess, and no drivers : - (
  4. Your eyes don't suck, but 1920x1080 is way too much for a 22" monitor, which means everything is smaller and your eyes must make some effort to read letters so small. Increase your font size in Windows to make up for the increased resolution.
  5. the font isn't that small.... it seems pretty normal to me
  6. Most, if not all flatscreens runa t 60Hz but they do n`t `refresh` as a CRT does, so the lower `refresh` rate is not really a problem unless you`re a pro gamer.
    Maybe the monitor is set too bright or you are using it in a dark/ poorly lit room. I know I get eyestrain if I use my system without adequate lighting (and my glasses). Also viewing distaince is importaint, sitting too close or too far away will cause eyestrain.
    If all else fails, and I mean this nicely, try getting your eyes checked.
  7. you can always get someone else to check you monitor as well, if its just you, then get your eyes checked. if not, i would suggest getting as many parties to check the screen then rma if need be
  8. You're probably having issues with the contrast ratio and the off-white "white" of your monitor.

    Usually in the CCC once you load the monitor's INF file you can adjust the refresh accordingly, the options are usually 60 & 75, and then they also sometimes add 59hz for those with sympathetic issues with fluoro lights. But the main thing for CCC is it needs to KNOW you're running an LCD to offer that. DELL says your panel's refresh is 60hz, it may support other rates, but you should be sure before poking around. Once you do figure it out you can try unticking the "hide all modes not supoprted by this monitor" in the display section of the control panel and see if that offers you something you want to experiment with, but beware of pushing a refresh that could damage the panel. Even more risky is something like Powerstrip which will let you adjust a ton of things. ATiTrayTools gives you some basic options, but I've never cheked if it gives you refresh options beyond what the control panel sees.

    I doubt it's the refresh rate specifically that's the issue for you since the pixels will only refresh with change, so unless the entire screen alters many times then it souldn't even strobe refresh. For gamers this can be an issue because there are alot more jerky movements that are not present in desktop/office apps and typical TV/movies which try and limit very fast movement and even just panning.

    Of course it could be the UV radiation of the LCD's CCFL and you're eyballs are getting sunburnt, but that's unlikely. ;)

    Anywhoo I experience the same 'LCD-lag' where eventually I have to close one eye or the other, just because it's not brilliant enough whites and I either have to turn the entire brightness up too much or down to low and it causes eye strain. I never do that with my CRT which runs @ 75 & 85hz and is perfectly calibrated and crisp like a sheet of bond paper.
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