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I have a question that may sound foolish. I have a computer assembled with a Asus A8N32-SLI motherboard. I have XP SP2 installed. I had some issues when tryig to upgrade to SP3 and I am aware that there is a bios update to address this issue. Here is my question.

When I flash the bios will it affect my RAID Array? I have a RAID 0 array on this computer.

My second question is, if I update the motherboard drivers will it affect my RAID array?

Sorry for the noob quesitons. I built this PC about 3 years ago and its been quite a while since I messed with it other than to just use it. Its been so long since I updated the bios and drivers I really dont remember if I had to do anything special to get the array up and working again.

any assistance would be appriciated
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  1. Probably would affect your RAID array. When you flash your BIOS you will have to load the setup defaults, so unless you're defaults are RAID 0, the next time you boot your drives won't be in a Raid array. Just make sure that when you reboot you re-enter the BIOS screen to make sure RAID is enabled, and if you have a promise controller or something you will have to enter the RAID utility, usually control F on post when raid is enabled, and set your array. It would be a good idea to back everything up just in case your board decides to rebuild your array or something ^_^
  2. A8N32-SLI Deluxe is not compatible with Windows XP SP3. I heard there was a BIOS update to address the problem, but others have said the upgrade did not solve all the problems. The board is long out of warranty and no longer supported/update by ASUS. I contacted ASUS support about the problems with SP3 installation. Mentioned Vista worked great. ASUS suggested to use Vista with the MB.

    As far as your questions about your current RAID setup, I don't have that setup on my A8N32-SLI Deluxe so I'm not sure of the answer.
  3. From my experience, I'vehad no problems with my A8N-SLI deluxe running SP3 and I haven't flashed th bios since first getting the board. Just have the latest drivers for everything.
    While I'm kinda new with RAID as well, if I understand what I've read, if the RAID bios gets updated as well you may have problems. Best suggestion, make sure you have a backup of everything before flashing the bios - better yet, have an image of the drive that you could reload eg use Norton ghost.
    I've had some issues with memory problems that I could pin down that kept corrupting the XP install and replacing with the Ghost image was so much faster than a fresh install each time. Made sure had all teh drivers, uptodata firewall/antivirus etc.
  4. Quote:
    From my experience, I'vehad no problems with my A8N-SLI deluxe running SP3 and I haven't flashed th bios since first getting the board.

    Of course you have had no problem with the A8N-SLI and SP3, neither have I. If you read the OP's Topic title, the discussion is about the A8N32-SLI Deluxe which is a completely different MB with diferent chipset and BIOS. :sarcastic:
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