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Hi every one.I wonder if someone could help me with an answer.
I have an old Sony Vaio PCG-FX33V/BP and not to long ago I had problem with my cd-rom drive.I had to replace it,so I have done it.

OK,before that I could see the right memory of my laptop witch it use be 256 MB of Ram. I have 2 slots X 128 MB of Ram.

Now, the memory shows 128 MB of Ram. It's seems like one of the slots is not working. I removed the modules,one by one to check if my guess is ok and yes,one of the slots is not working anymore.The module is fine(I checked it) but the slot is not. I have never opened my laptop except when I had to change the cd-rom.

So can anyone tell me what to do?Can this be fixed?

Many thanks!
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  1. New mothrboard, which probably cost more then a new laptop.
  2. Thanks for the answer. This is what I thought but I was hoping to be something else.So,your confirmation is more than helpful.Thanks
  3. Holy cow that Laptop is an old P3 system, I would say it has simply seen it's better days.
    Time for a new one.
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