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I have been using my 3.5" external hard drive backing-up my desktop. I was kinda curious what would happen if I used it to backup my old laptop, trying to experiment first before buying a 2.5" external hd which was my original plan.
The result: my laptop cpu temp reached 70 degrees C during the back-up process.Good I have installed one free program on CPU monitoring and it automatically shutdown the laptop.
But after that, my laptop has never been the same again, just as few as 3 minutes upon opening, the temperature soars to the max. I'm afraid I damaged the CPU because of using the wrong Type of external hd. Can someone help me on this, and what do I need to do next?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Check the laptop's CPU fan and heatsink. If the heatsink is loose or broken, fix it and reapply thermal paste. If the fan is not spinning, replace it.
  2. You didn't cause this problem with your external HDD.
  3. Yeah, I'm just going to have to assume it's a USB connection? I can't see how they're related.
  4. I took evongugg's advice. After checking the fan ( it's working), I removed the heat sink, cleaned/took out the old thermal adhesive and re-applied new thermal paste. Now my temp is much lower and never been erratic as before .
    Thanks for the help, I'm learning a lot from this forum.
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