SOLVED: Older MB upgrade questions including ECC not for these MBs??

I have the following MBs --- All Gigabyte All Intel P4 CPUs

8IEXP - P4 1.8 100 FSB / 1024 meg memory running at 266 (2 sticks 256 each + 512 stick in slot 1)
I am considering upping this one to a P4 2.4 CPU. To be honest, the kids are happy with it as it is. I have a yearn to upgrade it.

GA8-PE667 Ultra P4 2.4B 133 FSB 768 meg memory running at 333 (3 sticks 256 each) could be CL2 if I knew how to set CL2

GA8-PE800 Ultra P4 2.66 133 FSB 1024 meg memory running at 333 (2 sticks 256 each + 512 stick in slot 1)

I have a couple more GA8-PE800 Ultras. One of them is yet to be built.

I'm waiting for a 3.06 HT 533 CPU from ebay. Which of these MBs would you upgrade to the P4 3.06 HT

I run Thermaltake Volcano 7+ CPU fans. At 6000+ rpm, they get a bit noisy. A few years ago, I ran them slightly OCed as my participation in (cancer research). I had them in storage for a while. I was pleasantly surprised that all but 2 of them booted right up ... including the correct date within a few days. I took them down to specs. I lowered the fan speed down on one of them successfully. TGhe CPU is about 40C compared to 32C-35C with the cpu fan faster/noiser.
All have updated BIOS.

Question: Since the alarms in these don't sound off until 60C, I should be ok. Right? ... or am I risking the CPU at 40-41C ??

Question: The docs for these MBs say you can have up to 2 gig of memory, but the instructions (chart) quits at 2 sticks of 512.

I got a case of the stupids and picked up some sticks of what I thought was 512 pulls from a server. Therefore, it is ECC.
I though that I could turn off the ECC and be fine. Each machine that I place this memory in beeps like a banshee.

Question. Will these boards not allow ECC memory? Am I stuck b/c I perceived a bargain that is not for me?


Labels tell me:
Infineon which IMO is a great PC memory maker.
512MB DDR 333 CL 2.5 ECC Reg
Assembled in Portugal

second label:
1GB DIM ECC DDR1/333 2 X 512

Question: Is this a Gig stick or 512 stick?

Are these sticks not for me?

Thanks in advance for all replies.
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  1. 40C is fine. That's room temp during the summer in some parts of the world.

    The RAM you got is "registered" (Reg); your systems can only use "unbuffered" RAM. The ECC part normally doesn't matter, but almost all ECC RAM you will find is also registered, because servers almost always use registered (or "fully buffered" = FB) RAM. Those sticks are not for you until you get a server MB; sorry!

    If you could post links to the specs for the various MBs, we could probably help you with the max memory and CPU questions.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Since posting, I've learned most of the other answers. Yes, they will hold two 1 gig sticks of NON-ECC memory. The documentation says it will handle up to 2 gig, but the chart stops at 512+512. Go figure.

    The specs on the GA8-IEXP claim it will accept ECC memory as well. The speed limitation is 266. For some reason, that board does not like my faster ECC memory. The alarms go off and it will not post with that memory. Rereading your kind post, that has been answered.

    The GA8-IEXP has been upgraded to 1 Gig of 266 memory (512+256+256). I also changed out the CPU to a P4 2.66 512 533. I have the latest bios in it. While the Bios read the chip, it read it as a 2.66A. I manually modified the settings for both the CPU and memory. Also, I changed the Volcano 7+ HS to a Thermalright XP-120 heatpipe with the Thermalright 2000 fan. I learned some things doing so.

    Now I have a better clue what to do with the next two upgrades. (BG).

    Thanks again for your kind reply.
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