[HARD DISKS]New WD750GB BLACK not recongize full size

Hello guys

i'll make it short and simple

problem: i have just recently built a new machine. i was toying around installing a hackingtosh setup and upon mulitple restarts and poweroffs and ons, my WD750 gb is not a fully 750 size anymore. I know that its not suppose to be at full capacity, but when i decided to abandon the hackintosh project and installing windows 7 installed, during setup it only recongized 699 gb something. so i lost a full 50 gb!

i tried using acronis and other programs, but the first program said there was an error or some sort. i couldnt reformat it. I went back to using the hackingtosh installation, using the disk utility to reformat it to a FAT32 to see if i can set it straight.

but still doesnt work. should i return it?
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  1. The drive is fine. This explains : http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/23890-hdds-advertized-size-vs-actual-size.html

    This applys to all hard drives. My 2 x 640GB drives in RAID 0 make a single 1.16TB drive not a 1.28TB drive.
  2. Microsoft's version of "GB" is 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bytes. This is approximately 7.3% larger that the definition used by the disk makers, who say it is 1000 x 1000 x 1000 bytes. 7.3% of 750 GB is 55 Gb, so your 750 GB unit is counted by M$ as about 695 of their version of "GB". But you have NOT lost ANY space at all! They are just not using the same "ruler" as the disk makers.
  3. 1 human GB = 1X10^12 bytes or 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.

    1 computer GB = 1X2^30 or 1,073,741,824 bytes.

    Manufacturers use human gigabytes because that makes their hard drives look a little bigger.
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